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10 Perks of Having an Outdoor Kitchen in Florida

Outdoor kitchens are a solid investment for Florida homes. The year-round, beautiful weather and added home value are only a few of the many reasons outdoor kitchens are desirable in Florida.

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Ten Perks of a Florida Outdoor Kitchen

1 – Enjoy the Beautiful Weather All Year Long

The biggest perk of a Florida outdoor kitchen is having a place to enjoy Florida’s moderate climate throughout the year. With average temperatures at above 60 degrees, even in January, an outdoor kitchen provides useful functionality.

2 – Added Entertainment Space

Be the place all the neighbors want to hang out by adding an outdoor kitchen for entertaining. Guests won’t be stuck inside. Instead, you create a fun outdoor space to enjoy. Guests can help cook, dine and play in your backyard with your outdoor kitchen at the center.

3 – Poolside Cooking and Dining

Florida is the perfect place for a home pool. A pool offers a respite from the hot summer days. When you add an outdoor kitchen to your pool area, you create an outdoor oasis. Both your family and guests can cook and dine poolside.

4 – Increase Home Value

An outdoor kitchen adds immediate luxury to your home. In a warm location like Florida, an outdoor kitchen increases your home’s value and adds appeal for potential homebuyers. While you might not be ready to sell now, investing in an outdoor kitchen adds enjoyment today and increased home value for later.

5 – Save Money on Energy Use

With an outdoor kitchen you can avoid cooking indoors during the heat of summer. This means your home can stay cooler and your HVAC system won’t have to work as hard. Less energy use means money saved on utility expenses. Also, with smart appliances features, you’ll save even more.

6 – Expand Your Home’s Livable Space

Adding an outdoor kitchen to your home is like adding an extra room. Especially if you invest in details like a cover with a ceiling fan and lighting, you can use your outdoor kitchen rain or shine throughout the day.

7 – Boost Curb Appeal

Today’s outdoor kitchens are more than just a space to grill. Luxury outdoor kitchens include top-quality countertops, storage and appliances. These beautiful spaces add luxury and design appeal to your home’s backyard. Boost your curb appeal with a custom outdoor kitchen.

8 – Extra Storage

Invest in quality cabinets and storage for your outdoor kitchen. This provides extra storage for all your outdoor cooking and dining needs. From space to store dishes and cooking utensils to refrigerators for food storage, a smartly designed outdoor kitchen saves space in your home.

9 – More Cooking Options

With an outdoor kitchen, you take cooking to the next level. Outdoor kitchen appliances offer more than the standard grill. Options also include roasteries, smokers and burners. Often, outdoor cooking also includes healthier options that add rich flavors without the extra fat.

10 – Desirable Vacation Rentals

Florida is a popular vacation destination. For owners of luxury vacation rentals, and outdoor kitchen can boost your property’s appeal. Invest in an outdoor kitchen to give renters a taste of the true Florida lifestyle.

Outdoor Kitchens are a Smart Investment

For Florida homes, outdoor kitchens offer functionality, fun and increased home values. Be smart with your renovation budget and invest in a luxury outdoor kitchen.

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