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10 Questions to Ask a Contractor Before You Hire Them

You don’t want to start a professional relationship without knowing you can trust the other party. Unreliable businesses can hide behind fancy branding and smooth salesmen, but only the honest ones can give you answers to these questions. When you work with First Coast Supply, you’ll be 100-percent confident in our qualifications and integrity every step of the way. Jacksonville residents have trusted First Coast Supply with their appliances, cabinets, countertops and fixtures for many years. If you’re hesitant about getting into business with a contractor, here are 10 questions to ask the company:

Do you have previous experience with this type of project?

More experience doesn’t always mean higher quality work, but it does mean they’ve had an opportunity to develop a proven track record.

Can you provide an accurate timeline?

Any qualified contractor has a detailed, clear-cut timeline for the crew to follow and customer to reference.

Who is my point of contact for the duration of the project?

Always clearly identify the person in charge of your home/business renovation and ask for two to three ways to reach them.

Can you put your quote in writing?

A paper trail is always good in every professional relationship. It’s a simple way to keep both parties honest and leave no gray area for interpretation of budget, expect services, etc.

How do you handle scheduling?

This question is crucial. How they answer this question sheds light on their time management skills, communication skills and likelihood to finish the project on time.

Can I see proof of your license and insurance?

If you hire an uninsured contractor who puts in half of your roof then stops returning your phone calls, you’re responsible for the remaining work and any damage. License and insurance protect you and your home during the project and ensures the work is done by qualified professionals.

Do you belong to any professional organizations?

One of the most common examples in Jacksonville is NEFBA — Northeast Florida Builder’s Association. Membership to local and national organizations demonstrates good standing in the community and working professional relationships.

Can you please provide three references I can contact?

Ask for these references and actually reach out to them. It’s always good to hear from real customers about their experience with a business.

Will you provide me with daily updates?

Even if you’re not interested in the day to day progress, it’s still smart to hold a company accountable. There’s nothing wrong with requesting a daily email or text recap on the timeline and work completed.

Have you been part of any legal disputes following a prior job?

A great, trustworthy company will be honest when they answer this question. It’s not uncommon for good companies to be involved in a legal issue, but you deserve to know what it was about. Some problems are in the small and totally in the past, while others could demonstrate an issue with the company’s values.

First Coast Supply is a Local Partner You Can Trust

We have answers to all of these questions and more. When it comes to integrity in the Jacksonville community, the First Coast Supply team continues to demonstrate our commitment to our clients. Contact us today for any of your appliance, kitchen and bathroom needs.