10 Ways to Spring Clean Your Kitchen

Spring is almost here. That means it’s time for spring cleaning! We’re sure you’re very excited. The kitchen is often the room that’s the hardest to tackle for spring cleaning. As you take on your kitchen cleaning, remember to evaluate the state of your appliances to make sure they are in good working order. If not, it may be time to visit First Coast Supply to upgrade those kitchen staples.

In addition to checking the status of your appliances, here are 10 Ways to Spring Clean your Kitchen:


Clean Out the Cabinets

Start your spring cleaning with this basic yet super essential task. Remove all items from your cabinets and throw away or donate anything that’s broken or unwanted. Once your cabinets are cleared, wipe down the shelves with warm, soapy water. Once the shelves are dry, inspect the shelf paper. Replace any damaged shelf paper. Then, return the items you’re keeping back to their shelves.


Wash the Cabinet Doors

After cleaning out the inside of the cabinets, clean the outside. Use a degreasing product and follow the instructions on the bottle to clean the cabinet doors. A toothbrush is a great tool to clean the crevices of the cabinet doors. Remember to clean the cabinet knobs, too.


Wipe Down the Countertops

Remove all items from your countertops. Clean each item as you remove it, including the coffee maker, cutting boards, canisters and any other items that remain on the countertop throughout the year. Disinfect the surface of your countertops by following the directions on your favorite disinfecting kitchen cleaning product.


Deep Clean Your Refrigerator

Remove all the food from your refrigerator and throw away any old or expired items. Wipe down each shelf with warm, soapy water dry thoroughly. Take out any drawers and wash and dry them, removing any dirt under and around the drawers. Before you put back your food items, make sure to place a fresh box of baking soda on your fridge shelf to absorb unwanted odors.


Clean Stove and Oven

If you have a self-cleaning oven, use that feature to clean your oven. When finished, wipe out any remaining waste. Clean the stovetop, including the grates, with a degreasing dish soap.


Clean the Dishwasher

Your dishwasher can build up dirt and mold. Find and clean out the filter in your dishwasher. Place a half cup of liquid bleach in the top rack of your dishwasher and run on the hottest setting. This will clean out any mold buildup.


Wash the Sink and Garbage Disposal

Scrub your kitchen sink clean with a disinfecting cleaner. For the garbage disposal, take a toothbrush and scrub the inside of the rubber liner at the top of the drain. Then, place the rind from a citrus fruit in the garbage disposal and run it. This will help disinfect the inside and leave a fresh smell.


Wash the Kitchen Windows

The windows in your kitchen can build up grease and grime. Remove any drapes and wash or dry clean. Dust your blinds. Wash your windows using a window cleaner and wipe out the window tracks. Dry your windows using crumpled newspaper to avoid streaks.


Clean Out the Pantry

Start by removing all the food items from your pantry. Throw out any expired or old items. Check your spice rack and replace any old or missing spices. Once all items are removed, use warm, soapy water to wash the shelves. Dry thoroughly. As you replace your food items be sure to organize in a systematic way.


Mop the Floors

Wait until after you have cleaned everything else in your kitchen to mop the floors. Sweep up all loose dirt from your floors. Use a sponge to scrub any stuck-on grime or stains. Then follow the instructions on your favorite floor cleaning product to mop the floors. Be sure to dust the baseboards.


Spring cleaning is a great way to clean out the germs from winter and start fresh. Open your windows while you clean to air out your kitchen. As you clean, remember to evaluate your appliances. Your local Jacksonville appliance store is here to help.


If you find you’re in need of updated appliances, give us a call or visit our showroom today.