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3 Easy Ways to Update Your Bathroom

Everyone loves the idea of having a brand new bathroom in their home.  The unfortunate reality though is that going through with a full remodel of a bathroom in your home can be quite expensive. So what do we do as a result of this? Many of us just work on living with the bathroom that we have, while others get a bit more creative and find new ways to update the bathroom, without having a full and expensive remodel actually done.

There are many ways that you can easily update your bathroom without breaking the bank.  It is all about making changes that are within reach and also are going to make a big difference on how the bathroom is perceived, the visual appeal that it has, and the value that it adds to your home.  We at First Coast Supply have what you need to update your bathroom in many easy and efficient ways.

Changing the Bathroom Vanity

One of the things that can really plague old bathrooms is the vanity.  You could have the most updated bathroom in the world with new tile floors, a shower, painted walls, and so on, but if you have an old vanity, the bathroom is probably going to look a bit dated to say the very least.

Think about changing out the bathroom vanity as a quick and easy way to update your bathroom. When you do this, work with us to buy that perfect bathroom faucet to go along with the new vanity. This combination can allow you to really add a new focal point to your bathroom that is going to give it

Update the Cabinet Hardware

The vanity and the cabinets Jacksonville FL that you may have in your bathroom may only look old due to the hardware that they have.  Update the cabinets Jacksonville FL hardware with new knobs and such to give them a fresh appearance.  This can have a huge impact on how the cabinets are going to look and how the bathroom will look from a visual perspective as a whole.  This is a very easy and quick do it yourself project that pretty much anyone is going to be able to take on in one weekend at the most.

Updating the cabinet hardware gives you a chance to really do a refresh of your bathroom without breaking the bank and without having to do any major, time-intensive work on your part.

an updated feel.

Install a New Toilet

The toilet in your bathroom is another thing that probably has not been changed out in a long time. This is an asset though that, when updated, can help the bathroom look that much more new and appealing.  A toilet is the centerpiece of every single bathroom.  It is the one thing that we all use when we enter the bathroom, pretty much every single time. When you have a toilet that is updated and modern looking the whole rest of the bathroom is also going to look that much more modern to anyone who enters it.

There are plenty of pretty easy and inexpensive ways for you to update a bathroom.  Whether it is changing out the vanity and faucet, the toilet, or installing new hardware on your cabinets Jacksonville FL, the bathroom is going to look that much better as a result.  Take the time and consult with our professionals at First Coast Supply to work through some of these ideas for bathroom updates as well as several more so that you can get that bathroom looking brand new again, without having to go through a full time-consuming and expensive remodel.

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