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3 Things that Set First Coast Supply Apart From the Competition

Modern kitchen cabinet. Kitchen in modern home with cherry wood cabinetry. Kitchen in new home with brown wood cabinets. Custom kitchen cabinets made of wood. A beautiful interior of a custom kitchen cabinets.

It can be difficult to figure out where you should start the process of doing a remodel for your kitchen and bathroom. Should you go to one of the big box retailers out there and start looking at everything they have to offer? Are you better off going to a boutique shop that specializes in appliances while going to another for countertops? The best path to take is to find something that is a bit of a middle ground. You should find a full-service source that gives you the one-on-one attention you get at a boutique shop, with the level of selection you will find in the box, big retailers. That is what we deliver at First Coast Supply at our Jacksonville kitchen appliance stores.

There are plenty of things that sets us apart from the competition, and they are all worth noting.  The reason that so many consumers come to us for their kitchen appliances, cabinets and countertops is because of our customer service. It’s our team of professionals, our showroom and the options we provide that set us apart from the competition.

A Full-Service Source

First Coast Supply is a full-service, one-stop location with our Jacksonville kitchen appliance stores. When you come to see us, we are going to be able to help you with everything that you would need to do a kitchen remodel. If you need granite or quartz countertops, we can assist you with that. If you have to buy new appliances or new cabinets, we are going to be your source for that as well. Our firm also specializes in a large variety of sinks, faucets and outdoor kitchen supply options.  

We take lots of pride in allowing our inventory to shine through. We want to give all of our customers plenty of choices, and we do this by working with all of the major manufacturers in the industry. The more we can offer to you, the better a decision you are going to be able to make to remodel your home space.

We Set to Inspire

When you go to a big box retailer, you’re not going to get the same level of customer service or attention as you will get at our Jacksonville kitchen appliance stores.  We want to inspire each of our clients when they make a remodeling effort. When you go to our website, you will see a section that is called “Inspiration.” That is all about showing you examples of what some of our other customers have done with their home spaces. It will give you insight into what is possible when you get the creative juices flowing.

Delivery and Service

It is not just the purchasing of the appliances or countertops. It’s the delivery and installation as well that will set us apart. We want to work with you to deliver the merchandise you buy at our Jacksonville kitchen appliance stores right to your home. Once the delivery has happened, the products are going to be hooked up or installed for you. We don’t want to just sell you something. We want to provide you the service to set it up as well.

The Jacksonville kitchen appliance stores we offer at First Coast Supply are second to none.  We work to go above and beyond with all of our customers so that they have the very best experience possible. Visit us today and let us show you the amazing difference our team of professionals can make to inspire you!