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3 Tips for Choosing Amazing Granite Countertops

1x4ft Sample of Brazilian Granite Olinda Coffee a dark large-grained granite. It has chips of mica that may reveal hues of copper silver and blue

Are you thinking about pulling the trigger on granite countertops for your kitchen?  What do you need to know?  What questions should you be asking your granite supplier?  Replacing kitchen counters Jacksonville FL is a valuable prospect.  You can do a lot of good when you replace aging countertops with new granite ones.  When choosing granite countertops, you want to be sure to keep a few things top of mind.

The Style of the Kitchen

The style of the kitchen is one of the first things you want to be thinking about when it comes to kitchen counters Jacksonville FL.  You may believe you have found an ideal style of granite.  It has an exact look that you want and it is stunning.  What if it does not go well with the style of your kitchen, though?  Even if you love the granite, that does not necessarily mean it is going to mesh well with what you already have.  The style needs to matter as you want everything to flow together from one kitchen asset to the next.  The flooring, appliances, cabinets, and kitchen counters Jacksonville FL, need to be tied together stylistically.

Get Your Questions Answered

Do you have a lot of questions about granite countertops?  When you choose a company like us at First Coast Supply, we will be there to answer any of the questions you may have.  Make a list over a period as you start to think through all of these things.  Come packed with them so you can get the answers you need.  A quality granite supplier should be able to give you adequate time and quality customer service to address any and all concerns.  Some topics you may want to ask about include the price point of the countertops, maintenance needs, installation time and how to clean them.

Don’t Forget the Sink

You are going to want to replace the sink with your kitchen counters Jacksonville FL.  Under mount, sinks are the best way to go when it comes to granite.  The sinks are going to sit underneath the granite so that you can make the most of the appearance of the solid stone material.  Plopping an aging sink on top of your brand new countertops is going to result in a style clash and will not allow the visual appeal of the counters to shine through as it should.

There are plenty of things you want to be thinking about when it comes to granite countertops.  Come work with us at First Coast Supply.  Ask us all of the questions you may have, think through the color to match your style and leave some room in your budget for an under mount sink to complete the picture.  Granite countertops add some fantastic value, and we are here to help you experience the gains they can bring to any kitchen.