3 Tricks to Avoid Sink Fixture Rusting

Let’s face it, metal exposed to water leads to rust. This makes keeping your sink fixtures rust-free an ongoing challenge. You want your home to look nice and work well; therefore, you don’t want rusted sink fixtures. If your sink fixtures already suffer from rust, it may be time to replace them and start fresh. Visit the First Coast Supply Showroom to see a selection of fixtures and sinks in Jacksonville, Florida.


However, if your fixtures are still in good shape, we have three tricks to help avoid rusting and keep your sinks looking their best.


1 – Buy Quality Fixtures

The number one thing you can do to keep your sink fixtures looking great is to purchase quality fixtures in the first place. As with most things, if you buy the cheapest option, it usually isn’t built to last. While lower in price, chrome plated fixtures often suffer from rust build up leading to a short lifespan. In the long run, you may end up spending more to replace cheap sink fixtures than if you’d just purchased a better-quality option from the start.


While metal is never completely rust-proof, some fixtures hold up better than others. Stainless steel and brushed nickel both work well against rust when properly cared for. Metals that damage easily can rust more quickly, while more durable metals last longer. The good news is both brushed nickel and stainless steel are trendy options for sink fixtures. You can choose a product option that is stylish and durable!


2 – Repair Leaks and Damage

If your sink is leaking or damaged, you should repair it to prevent further damage. Like we said above, damaged metal can rust more easily. If you have scratched or dented fixtures, either replace or repair to avoid rust.


Also, because exposure to water ultimately causes rust, leaks can exacerbate a rust build-up problem. Leaks can also lead to other unnecessary issues like mold and mildew growth and wasted water. In fact, if you notice a sudden development of rust, you should investigate to determine if you have a leak.


3 – Keep it Clean

Clean your sinks at least once each week to avoid rust on your fixtures. Common all-purpose cleaners work well to remove dirt and grime from sinks. If you have rust on your sink fixtures, use a rust remover product to get rid of the rust and avoid addition damage.


Salt and dirt can make the surface of metals rust more quickly. Especially in coastal areas, salt exposure can cause a rust problem. Stay on top of cleaning if you start to notice rust forming. Also, wipe your sink faucets and fixtures dry after use to protect them from water damage.


Avoid Fixture Rust

Rust is not inevitable on your sink fixtures! Use our helpful tricks to avoid fixture rust and keep your sinks looking and working great. If you need to update your sink fixtures, visit First Coast Supply to choose from our large selection of fixtures, faucets and sinks in Jacksonville, Florida.