4 Reasons Installing an Outdoor Kitchen is Worth it

Outdoor kitchens are a popular trend in home design all around Jacksonville. When you’re strategic about layout and fixtures, you can add an outdoor space to your home that’s both practical and entertaining. The purpose of an outdoor kitchen design is to add extra living space for food prep, socializing and storage. The First Coast Supply showroom is your one-stop-shop for design inspiration and a selection of the best appliances, cabinetry and countertops. If you’re on the fence about building an outdoor kitchen, here are four reasons you should go for it.

Boost Your Home Value

The actual increase you’ll see depends on a few factors — primarily the quality of the outdoor kitchen, location of your home and the real estate market. In warmer climates like Jacksonville, potential homebuyers place a huge emphasis on the amenities of the outdoor space. Plenty of research shows that an outdoor kitchen can show an ROI of 100-to-200-percent. You’ll reap the financial benefits when you sell, but you’ll love the leisurely aspects beforehand.

Keep Your Home Cool in the Summer

This one isn’t always obvious, but it’s a huge perk of an outdoor kitchen. It’s no secret that cooking inside raises the indoor temperature of your house. Your AC unit has to work overtime to keep your home at your desired temperature. An outdoor kitchen is the perfect alternative to firing up your indoor oven and stovetop. When you invest in an outdoor kitchen designed around your cooking habits, it’s easier than ever to move your cooking to the outdoor area.

Turn Your Home into the Hangout Spot

One of our favorite perks of adding an outdoor kitchen to your house is the great space for entertaining. If you want your home to be the meeting spot for your family and friends, an outdoor kitchen creates the ideal environment. Add ample seating, a surround sound system and a dipping pool to round out your backyard space.

Add Square Footage to Your Living Space

Sometimes it’s just not possible to add another room to your home. If you’re in desperate need of more space but don’t know how to go about it, an outdoor kitchen is your answer. Fully cover your outdoor kitchen and add a fan to create a space you can use in all kinds of weather. Give the space a homey feel with a dining table, comfortable seating and practical lighting.

Start Your Shopping Process at the First Coast Supply Showroom

Outdoor kitchens are the perfect way to enhance your Jacksonville home and give your family the gift of more space. Stop by the First Coast Supply showroom to see the outdoor kitchen design ideas, appliances, storage and kitchen counters to fit almost any budget.