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4 Reasons to Build an Outdoor Kitchen in Florida

Many of the high-quality homes around Jacksonville boast an outdoor kitchen for a reason. If you want a stand-out outdoor space to impress your family and friends, an outdoor kitchen is the place to start. There are so many fun ways to customize this bonus space and make it your own. From fun, practical appliances to bold countertops, the First Coast Supply team is here to give you the outdoor kitchen of your dreams. If you need some ammo to help convince your family (or financial advisor) of this investment, here are four key points to bring up:

An Outdoor Kitchen Will Provide a Higher Home Value When it’s Time to Sell

There isn’t a potential home buyer in the world who doesn’t see the value of a developed backyard. The return on investment you’ll experience comes down to a few factors — the quality of the materials, the current housing market and the location of your home.

Homeowners in the south place a large value on the quality of their outdoor living space. Of course, it’s always wise to make sure your investment can actually pay off. With an average cost of $10k-$18k, discerning property owners want to make sure they can recoup some of that money. According to Quicken Loans, you can expect an ROI between 55% and 200%.

Outdoor Kitchens Will Add Square Footage to Your Living Space

We can’t think of a single person who doesn’t want to expand their living space at some point. Unfortunately, it’s often too much work and money to add on to your main residence. If your family needs to creatively add more space, an outdoor kitchen is your answer.

To make it feel more like a livable home expansion, enclose the outdoor kitchen and add a ceiling fan to create a space that functions in all kinds of weather. Take it one step further with a four- or six-top dining set, comfy seating and dimmable overhead lights.

Lower Energy Costs During the Summer

One of the most important benefits is often a surprise to homeowners. It’s hard to believe how much energy you use to keep your home cool while cooking indoors (especially during the muggy Jacksonville summers.) An outdoor kitchen saves you from firing up the oven or cooktop.

When you build a summer kitchen curated to your cooking habits, it’s easier than ever to move your cooking outdoors. Consider incorporating a full stove top, small fridge and a grill.

Give Your Family a Fun Spot to Relax

An outdoor kitchen serves many practical purposes, yes. It’s also a great way to increase family time and host more parties with friends. If you want your house to be the hangout for family and friends, an outdoor kitchen creates the ideal environment.

Add a swimming pool and surround sound and they might never leave! First Coast Supply is a family company. We understand the importance of spending quality time with the people you love. Decked out outdoor spaces are the way to go for families of all kinds.

Begin the New Year with an Investment the Whole Family will Love

The gift of more space and a new hangout spot is priceless. Every home renovation starts at the First Coast Supply showroom, and an outdoor kitchen is no different. Call us today to get started on your one-of-a-kind design.