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4 Small Kitchen Renovations that Make a Big Difference

Kitchen with wooden cupboards and cabinets and appliance

You may think that to do a refresh of the kitchen you have, a full remodeling effort is the only option. The fact is that you can do a lot of things on a smaller scale that can have a big difference on the look and feel of your kitchen overall. There are four small kitchen renovation options out there that can make a world of a difference. Doing something as simple as changing out your kitchen appliances Jacksonville FL can bring an older kitchen to life once again.

At First Coast Supply, we have seen money well spent when it comes to kitchen renovation work, as well as money wasted. It all comes down to the value you can get as a consumer.  How can you go the extra mile to make sure you are getting the very best out of every dollar you spend in your kitchen? It all comes down to spending wisely and understanding what is going to have the largest impact.

Updating Appliances

One of the easiest ways to do a full refresh of your kitchen is to update the appliances. Get rid of those appliances that you have been living with for a decade or more now and switch them out with a set of brand new appliances. The kitchen appliances Jacksonville FL that we offer give you plenty of options, whether you want to go with stainless steel or something entirely different and outside of the box. When you update all of the appliances in the kitchen, you will get a return for the money you spend.

Switching the Countertop

How old is the countertop you have in your kitchen? Is it a solid surface material like granite?  Changing out that aging laminate countertop for a solid surface counter is a quality decision.  You can switch out the countertop, even on aging cabinets, to help make your kitchen look absolutely brand new once again. Our team can help you identify the very best options that are available to you.

Cabinet Hardware Replacement

The hardware of your cabinets can also be a useful area to address. Changing out the hardware can help make the cabinets look completely renewed. When you couple an improvement effort like this with changing your appliances so everything ties together, it can equate to an incredible result in the kitchen space.  

Cabinet Painting

If you are comfortable with a paint brush, then taking on this kitchen improvement effort is well worth your time and effort. Painting your cabinets is an easy way to help make them look brand new again without ever having to switch them out entirely. Painting is as simple as picking out the color that you want and going to town in most cases. You can get creative going with stains that can bring out the most in the wood and the overall visual appeal the cabinets give off.  Painting is a very worthy investment for you to take on that can refresh the assets.

The team at First Coast Supply wants to help you on your journey towards refreshing the aging kitchen you have. You do not need to do a full remodel to make your kitchen look brand new again. It may be something as simple as changing out kitchen appliances Jacksonville FL that can give you the full refresh you have been seeking.