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4 Ways to Make your Bathroom Feel Brand New

Pamper yourself with a bathroom upgrade. Kitchens and bathroom are great places for homeowners to invest renovation dollars. In fact, bathroom remodels on average have a return of investment of 70%. Even if you can’t take on a bathroom remodel, you can make your bathroom feel brand new with a few simple steps.

Start with a visit to the First Coast Supply showroom in Jacksonville, Florida to see the latest trends in faucets, tubs, fixtures and other bathroom features.

Deep Clean

A dirty bathroom feels worn and messy. Whether you have the budget to hire a service to deep clean or you put in the elbow grease yourself, scrubbing your bathroom will make it feel brand new. Focus on the details like baseboards, mold and mildew, faucets and soap stains. Simply cleaning your bathroom will have a huge impact and can inspire you to take on bigger renovation projects.

Apply New Grout

Like with a deep clean, dirty or stained grout makes the space look shabby and dirty. Applying new grout is an easy DIY project. Many online tutorials are available for guidance on grouting a bathroom. However, the basic steps are to clean the old grout, remove as much of the old grout as possible, apply new grout, wipe off the excess, and let dry completely. This is a labor-intensive job but requires little skill so even a novice can handle this project.

Install New Faucets

Most people use their bathroom faucets multiple times each day. All that use can lead tarnish, scratches, water stains and mildew buildup. Replace outdated faucets for a modern and clean look. First Coast Supply offers a variety of faucets in our Jacksonville, Florida showroom.

Brushed brass and polished chrome are trendy faucet finishes. Also, smart technology is now available for faucets. Features like digital temperature settings and low flow taps help save energy and water usage. New faucets not only make your bathroom feel brand new, they also help make your home smarter.

Updated Light Fixtures

Outdated or poor lighting make a bathroom feel dated. Add updated light fixtures to brighten and modernize your bathroom. Like with bathroom faucets, lighting is available with smart technology features. These include voice activated lighting and smartphone controls.

Save money by transitioning from incandescent bulbs to energy saving LED bulbs. Also, fun lighting features like shifting mood lighting can be programmed with different patterns to create a customize bathroom experience. Set the tone in your bathroom with upgraded lighting.

Add New Accessories

The easiest way to make your bathroom feel brand new is with new accessories. Buy new towels and rugs. Add new bathroom canisters and décor. Monochromatic bathrooms are back in style. This makes decorating easy for homeowners. You can simply choose one color you love and select various shades for your towels and other decorative items.

Another trend is to transition an all-white bathroom with pops of color. Accessories are a great way to add color without a big commitment. Accessorize your bathroom for a new and updated look.

Tackle Simple Maintenance

Like with a deep clean or new grout, tackle simple maintenance projects to make your bathroom feel refreshed and new. Replace burned out lightbulbs, rehang broken towel racks and fix that leaky faucet. Take a weekend to fix all the broken items in your bathroom. You’ll have a sense of accomplishment and a fresh space to relax and unwind.

Make Your Bathroom Feel New

Start today! Regardless of your budget, you can make your bathroom feel brand new. Contact the experts at First Coast Supply or visit our Jacksonville, Florida showroom to see trends in bathroom renovations. From faucets to tubs, we have all your bathroom upgrade needs covered.