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5 Design Options to Consider When Getting New Kitchen Counters

Well decorated and modern kitchen with granite countertops

There really has never been a better time than now to be in the market for new kitchen counters. The reason is that there are more options than ever before in the space. It was not too long ago that pretty much all you had to choose from were some laminate options or expensive stone options that you had no business buying in the first place. That is now a thing of the past as kitchen counters Jacksonville FL have really come a long way, and we at First Coast Supply are here to help you with your purchase of new counters.

The design options to consider when getting new kitchen counters Jacksonville FL are quite plentiful. There are just so many different materials to choose from, with hundreds of different color options, patterns, textures, among other things. Whether you want to go with a laminate or a natural stone, or something entirely different, the choice is going to be there. This allows you to get that perfect set of counters for your dream kitchen.

Natural Stone

The natural stone option is one of the more common that we are now seeing thanks in large part to price drops in the space. It was not too long ago that prices for granite, soapstone, and slate were simply out of reach for the vast majority of homeowners. This is history though s prices have come down and are more accessible than ever before. These countertop materials are tremendous as they are extremely durable and look great.

The way in which these are made is through fabricators that can make a piece of granite counter up to 10 feet long with ease. They are stain resistant and also come in all sorts of different colors and designs.

The Solid Surface

The solid surface is another option out there for kitchen counters Jacksonville FL. These are made of one solid piece of material such as polyester, acrylic, or something else. They are also going to be very resistant to stains and scratches and highly durable. The design of this solid surface can also be made to look very similar to natural stone if you want to go in that direction, but also is going to be far cheaper than the natural stone choice, giving you a nice alternative.


Laminate, also known as Formica by many homeowners, is one of the more common kitchen counters Jacksonville FL options out there. It is durable and also a very hard piece of material that can last for a long time, helping keep your kitchen looking just tremendous from day one onward. The hundreds of colors and patterns that are available with laminate make it a great choices s does the low price point.

Ceramic Tiles

You may not think of tiles when you are thinking of kitchen counters Jacksonville FL, but many homeowners are starting to use tiles to place right on their countertops. Tiles are great choices for a countertop, a backsplash, anything really. When you have tiles on your counters and your kitchen island, it can make for a durable surface that is great for cooking and also looks beautiful as well.


In the event that you are looking for something very different, concrete counters may be something that you want to look into. These are precast counters that are made in a manufacturing plant specifically for your kitchen. They resemble natural stone in the way that they look and can really dress up a space ,making it look highly unique.

There are tons of design options out there for your kitchen counters Jacksonville FL. It is all about finding that perfect look to match the style of your kitchen and the appearance of it that you are looking for. We at First Coast Supply can help you get set up with those perfect counters to complete that dream kitchen.