5 Popular Bathroom Design and Remodel Ideas

2018 is coming to a close, making now the time to talk about the popular design and remodel ideas heading in to 2019. The bathroom is no longer utilitarian. Instead, the bathroom is now a place to retreat for relaxation and rejuvenation. Upgrade your bathroom with popular design and remodel ideas to create a truly luxurious experience.

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1 – Practical Storage

Storage is essential in bathrooms. With the floating vanity trend continuing into next year, creative storage solutions have emerged. No longer is the only option to store everything in the vanity. Now, vertical storage solutions like built-in cabinets and floating shelves are popular options. Also, as the minimalist trend continues, focus on only storing the items that you actually use. Throw out the clutter, and keep your bathroom items simple and beautiful so that they become part of your overall design.

2 – Smart Technology

Just like in every other aspect of the home, smart technology options create a high-tech relaxation experience for bathrooms. For starters, voice control options for lighting, faucets and sound systems have gained popularity. Another innovative smart feature is smart mirrors with built-in lighting to brighten and darken as needed.

Motion-sensor features that have been popular in public restrooms for years will continue to make their way into home bathrooms. Features like automatic faucets and toilets offer water-saving, hands-free usability. Upgrade your bathroom with smart technology solutions that add style while saving on utility costs.

3 – Bigger is Better

Bathrooms are expanding. As people use bathrooms as a home spa to relax, the size of the bathroom is increasing. New homes are being constructed with larger bathrooms and home renovation projects are creating bigger bathrooms. In fact, one popular option is to expand the bathroom by taking space from a neighboring room or closet. The bathroom footprint is increasing to allow ample room for storage, dressing and bathing in style.

4 – Ceramic

Ceramic is a hot trend in bathroom design. Ceramic’s durability and versatility adds to its appeal. The versatility of shapes, colors and patterns make ceramic a great option for any bathroom. Not only is ceramic used for flooring, but ceramic is incorporated into the overall design, including backsplashes, shower tiles and even as a wall covering. Mix various shapes and colors for a modern and personalized look.

5 – Water Space

One of the hottest new trends in bathroom design is a dedicated water space where both the shower and tub are housed in the same area and separated from the rest of the room by a glass wall or partition. This innovative design trends creates compartmentalized spaces within the bathroom to allow for better function and usability. Luxury fixtures like a Toto soaker tub and rain shower head enclosed with modern glass shower walls, create a hotel-inspired bathroom retreat.

Stay on Trend!

As you upgrade your bathroom, stay on trend with these popular bathroom design and remodel ideas. Regardless of your style, incorporate smart technology to add value and functionality to your home. Keep your home modern with designs that match contemporary styles like mixed metals, tile designs and luxurious bathroom fixtures.

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