5 Things to Consider When Selecting Cabinetry

The process of choosing cabinets for a bathroom or a kitchen is a very stressful decision to say the very least. When you think about cabinets Jacksonville FL, you have to think short and long-term. In the short-term, these have to be cabinets that you can afford and that are also going to look great in your kitchen or bathroom. In the long-term, chances are these are the cabinets that you are going to have for the next decade or more. It is not too often that you choose to switch out the cabinets that you have and for that reason, you want cabinets that are not only going to look great today, but also great years from now down the road.


Stock or Custom Cabinets

The first consideration that you probably want to think about is whether or not you are going to be looking for what is known as stock cabinets or custom cabinets. Stock cabinets Jacksonville FL are going to be those that are pre-manufactured. They come in specific sizes and there is not going to be a whole lot of options in terms of how much you can customize them. The good thing about these though is that they are probably going to be on the cheaper end.

Custom cabinets Jacksonville FL are as the name described, completely custom. This means that they are one of a kind, there is no limitation in terms of what you can get with the size, the style choices, the finish, grade of the wood, and so on. These cabinets are going to be made to order.


Think About the Budget

You also want to consider the budget when you are talking about cabinets Jacksonville FL. You may think that custom cabinets are a great idea for your kitchen or bathroom, but that does not mean that they are going to make the most sense in terms of what your budget is actually going to allow you to do. Think about the budget as you work through your decisions with the cabinets.


Focus on the Functionality

You want the cabinets to be made of high quality and also have the functionality that you need. A cabinet may look great on the exterior, but what is the interior like with the shelving options and stuff? Do they make sense and meet the needs of what you actually want out of the cabinets for your kitchen or bathroom?


Ask About the Quality of Material

Be sure to ask about the quality of material in the cabinets Jacksonville FL that you are thinking about buying. Are they made of solid wood, plywood, particle board, metal, laminate? These are all options that are out there. Our professionals at First Coast Supply can walk you through all of the positives and negatives of each. The important thing to remember though is that you want high quality cabinets, not something that is going to fall apart in a few years time.


Hardware of the Cabinets

The hardware of the cabinets is another big consideration that you want to think about. These include the hardware that is going to allow drawers to slide in and out, and handles for you to grab on to open up cabinets Jacksonville FL and get at shelves. The hardware needs to be high quality and you want things like shelf mounting brackets to be built to last you.

The thing with cabinets is that looks truly are not everything. There really is something to be said with cabinets when you think about the phrase of you get what you pay for. With cabinets, you really want to put a focus on quality, function, as well as appearance. It is the combination of these three things, along with other considerations, that are going to help you get the perfect cabinets Jacksonville FL for your kitchen or bathroom.