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5 Things You Should Know Before Buying Appliances

Updated appliances bring new functionality and aesthetics to your kitchen. However, deciding what appliances to purchase for your home can be daunting. Don’t get overwhelmed! Instead, feel confident in your decisions by learning what you need to know before buying appliances.

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Here a five things you should know before buying appliances:

1. Save with Energy Star

Energy efficiency matters when selecting new appliances. Not only will you save money on energy costs, but many local governments offer rebates when you buy new Energy Star appliances. For example, a refrigerator with the Energy Star label uses at least 15% less energy than non-Energy Star models. If you have a refrigerator older than 2001, you will use 40% less energy with a new Energy Star appliance.

Energy Star dishwashers save energy and water usage. Compared to older dishwasher models, new Energy Star dishwashers save 3,870 gallons of water over the lifetime of the appliance. Take the time to compare different appliance brands and features to determine which offers the most energy savings. Even if the sticker price is higher, you could save more money in the long run with rebates and utility savings.

2. Select the Right Finish

Appliances now come in a variety of finishes. Homeowners are no longer stuck deciding between traditional white, black or stainless steel. However, the price for different finishes can vary greatly. Select the best finish for your home based on your budget, needs and style. Also, consider how the finish works with the other elements in your kitchen for the best overall look.

Stainless steel continues to be a popular choice for kitchen remodels because of its versatility. It looks great with almost any design style. For a truly unique kitchen, consider a non-traditional appliance finish like red, blues and even yellows. While online shopping is convenient, visit an appliance showroom to understand the variety of appliance finishes available before you purchase your appliances.

3. Size Matters

One of the trickiest parts of purchasing new appliances is getting the fit right. Even subtle differences in width or height can cause a problem if your appliance must fit in between cabinets or shelving. Measure your existing appliances and the spaces where the appliances sit. Before you purchase the new appliance, make sure to double check the size dimensions.

This is especially true when purchasing new washers and dryers. Washers and dryer design has changed in the last decade to offer more energy efficient, front-loading models. Before you transition from a top-loading washing machine to a front-loading machine, make sure the space allows for the door to swing open. Consider this and other size issues before you make your appliance purchase.

4. Installation, Delivery and Warranty Options

Before you purchase an appliance, understand the installation and delivery options. Also, ask if pick up is available to save on delivery fees. For many standard appliances, installation is easy and tutorial videos are available online to guide you.

For specialized plumbing or gas line installation, contact your local specialized service provider to ensure proper installation. The key is to understand upfront what you are paying for and determine any extra service fees. Also, understand the warranty and repair process for the appliances. Most appliance warranties are managed by the manufacturer and not the retailer. When you are making a big purchase, don’t be caught off guard. Get the answers before you buy.

5. Read the Reviews

The internet offers a wonderful opportunity to research products before you buy. Appliances are no exception. Read the online reviews for each appliance before you make a purchasing decision. Even with popular brands, sometimes specific models or features don’t work as well as planned.

Reviews are a great resource to weed out bad options and find top products. Most reviewers provide honest and valuable feedback. Also, remember to leave a review after your purchase to help other homeowners in their buying process.

New appliances add appeal to your kitchen. Don’t let the buying process intimidate you! With a little research and planning you can find the best appliance option for your home. Visit the First Coast Supply showroom in Jacksonville, FL to find the perfect appliance style.