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6 Tips to Keep Your Outdoor Kitchen in Top Shape

Outdoor kitchens are a great option to add space to your home for entertainment and enjoyment. After you invest in a luxurious outdoor kitchen, you want to keep it in top shape. It’s important to protect your outdoor kitchen from the elements, keep it clean and ensure appliances last. If you’re looking to upgrade your outdoor kitchen, make sure you understand what’s required for upkeep so that you’re prepared from the start.

Invest in quality outdoor kitchen appliances and design elements that will hold up in weather and outdoor exposure. For ideas, visit the First Coast Supply kitchen appliance store in Jacksonville, Florida. We help our customers select the best outdoor kitchen features for your home and budget.

How to Keep your Outdoor Kitchen in Top Shape

1 – Add a Covering

One way to keep your outdoor kitchen in top shape and protected from the elements is by adding a roof, pergola or other covering. Not only will a roof keep your kitchen cleaner and protected, but it will keep the area cooler from sun exposure. A roof can even make the area usable in inclement weather.

One key note is that your grill should not be covered for safety reasons. You can place the grill on the outside of the kitchen where it will not be covered. This will allow smoke to escape and reduce the risk of fire danger. However, creating a shelter over your outdoor kitchen is a good investment for the longevity of your kitchen.

2 – Clean After Every Use

Just like with the kitchen inside your home, your outdoor kitchen will remain in better shape if you clean up every time you use the kitchen. Don’t leave the space in a mess, especially since dropped food or spills could attract insects or animals. Wipe the surface of countertops and furniture. Wash all dishes and put kitchen tools back in their storage locations.

Also, sweep the floor and throw away all trash. You don’t want to have a mess the next time you go to use the kitchen. Your appliances, countertops and kitchen tools will stay in better shape if they are cleaned regularly.

3 – Clean Appliances Regularly

Appliances are one of the most expensive parts of an outdoor kitchen. Your outdoor appliances are also what makes your outdoor space a kitchen and not just a patio. Keep your appliances in good working order by cleaning and inspecting them regularly. Clean both the inside and outside of the appliances.

Make sure you clean your grill after every use and deep clean your grill about once per month if you’re using it frequently. This will help keep your grill working well and your property safe. Repair any broken appliances quickly to maintain the value of your outdoor kitchen.

4 – Cabinet Care

Outdoor kitchen cabinets are another big financial investment, and you want to keep them looking great. When you clean your kitchen after every use, wipe down the surface of the cabinets. Also, seal your cabinets annually to protect the material from weather damage.

For new outdoor kitchen installations, select a weather-durable cabinet material. Cabinets add style and function for outdoor kitchens but can easily look worn and dirty if not properly cared for. Stay on top of your cabinet care to keep your outdoor kitchen looking excellent.

5 – Invest in Covers

When you invest in an outdoor kitchen for your home, also invest in coverings. Appliance, countertop and furniture covers are available to protect your outdoor kitchen from the elements. If you’re going to spend the money to create a beautiful outdoor space, don’t skimp on the care of the space.

Take the time to cover your kitchen and furniture before storms, when you travel and if you don’t plan to use it for a time, like during the winter. This small step can save you money and effort by reducing wear and tear in your outdoor kitchen.

6 – Winterize Your Kitchen

During the warmer months, outdoor kitchens may see daily use. However, if you don’t plan to use your outdoor kitchen during the winter months, take the time to winterize the space. This is especially important if you live in a cold climate where winter weather can damage your kitchen. When you open your kitchen back up after winter, have your appliances inspected before use.  

Outdoor Kitchens are a Solid Investment

Especially in warmer climates, outdoor kitchens are a great option to extend the living space of your home. However, you want to keep your kitchen in top shape so that your investment stays solid!

To get inspiration for your outdoor kitchen, visit the First Coast Supply kitchen appliance store in Jacksonville, Florida. Our showroom offers a large selection of kitchen appliances, countertops, cabinets and more.