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Adding Custom Granite Countertops to Complement Your New Kitchen Appliances

Modern luxury kitchen interior with integrated appliances

One of the biggest things that you can do to upgrade your current kitchen is to redo the countertops that you have.  This is one space that can be a make or break for any kitchen remodel.  You can swap out all of the appliances that you want, but it is the countertops that will continue to get same focus.  Brand new stainless steel appliances should be complemented by quality countertops, and granite typically is the leading choice for so many homeowners.

Adding custom granite countertops to complement your new kitchen appliances is easier than you think.  There are appliance stores Jacksonville FL like ours at First Coast Supply that can be your one stop shop.  We can assist you with the choosing and design of the granite countertops right through to the installation.  Our goal is that the countertops are completely in sync with the appliances, that they work together to create a total package in your kitchen that looks tremendous from top to bottom.

Choosing the Design

The design choosing process is the most important when it comes to granite countertops and linking them up with your new appliances.  You would not believe the variety that is out there regarding the various appearances that granite countertops can take.  There are shades of granite that are going to be dazzling and white, some that are going to be much darker.  There are types of granite that will have all sorts of colors gleaming out of them, while some may be blander.

The design choosing process is one that should be done with your new kitchen appliances in mind and well in hand. Our appliance stores Jacksonville FL want to help you create the whole vision for your new kitchen.  We want to nail down exactly what the appliances are going to be as well as the countertops to make sure there is no clashing at all.

Pairing Countertops with the Appliances

It is all about pairing countertops with the appliances and having them come together stylistically so that you can have the look of your kitchen that you want. Think about the new appliances that you want to buy, are they stainless steel? Perhaps you are considering appliances that are white or black in color. If you are going with black appliances, for example, you may want to have granite countertops that are on the brighter side so that they can complement one another.  You may even want to go with another darker color to have that type of modern appearance.

The important thing to note here is that you are using the appliances and the granite countertops together.  You are considering all of your options, and you are putting together the total picture of what the kitchen is going to look like. Then our team of professionals will come out and help you not only with the installation of your new kitchen appliances, but the countertops that are going to be complementing them as well.

Granite countertops can do wonders to help push a kitchen with new appliances to the next level. Our team of professionals at First Coast Supply knows what works and we want to help you take the vision that you have in your head and turn it into a reality.  Your dream kitchen may not require a full remodel of the space, all it may need is new countertops and appliances, and you will be off to the races. Our appliance stores Jacksonville FL at First Coast Supply can help you get there quicker than you think.