The Advantages of Built-In Appliances

When you design a kitchen for a new home or a remodel of your current house, you must decide between built-in or stand-alone appliances. Both options have their pros and cons, but it ultimately comes down to budget and personal preference. First Coast Supply carries both built-in and stand-alone appliance models. Within both categories is a variety of brands and price points. We’re here to explain the important advantages of choosing built-in appliances.

Built-In Appliances are the Best Options Money can Buy

Built-ins are mainly designed for luxury and high-end kitchens and discerning homeowners. For kitchen remodels, built-in appliances immediately take your kitchen decor to a whole new level. The top-quality looks typically have a more expensive price tag to match. Luxury brands like Gaggenau and Wolf offer a variety of built-in appliances.

Sleek Designs are Appealing to Many Homeowners

Built-in appliances offer clean lines and luxury style you just can’t reach with more affordable, stand-alone designs. While built-in refrigerators are limited to a 24-inch depth to keep them even with the cabinets, they do come in a variety of widths. You can order a built-in fridge that’s up to 48-inches wide to accommodate your design and lifestyle. All built-in appliances seamlessly merge with your kitchen design and don’t show any gaps between the appliance and cabinet.

Built-in refrigerators are built to work for many years. To help rationalize the higher price tag, built-in models have a longer lifespan than stand-alone appliances. Another clear advantage is the endless customization options you have. A variety of door styles are available for refrigerators and dishwashers, which includes custom panels and all-glass doors.

Accessorize Your Appliances to Fit Your Lifestyle

Walk through the kitchen of a luxury home and you’ll immediately notice unique features of all kinds. When you splurge on a top-of-the-line built-in appliance, you’re able to incorporate features like a wine cooler or kegerator.

No two homeowners are alike. If you have the freedom to customize your kitchen completely to your family, built-in appliances are the choice for you. Whether you have little ones or enjoy throwing parties, work with your First Coast Supply experts to tailor your appliances completely to you.

Make the Purchase that’s Right for Your Family

Both stand-alone and built-in appliances come in an array of finishes and styles. No matter which modern option you choose, you’ll experience added energy efficiency benefits. If your budget allows, built-in appliances are always the clear choice. They look great and provide the perfect amount of luxury for you and your family.

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