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Affordable Renovations You Must Try

Now’s an excellent time to think about home renovations to make your home cozy, inviting and well-maintained. However, we do understand that after all your other expenses, budget-friendly and affordable renovation options are a welcome idea.

To get inspired for your home renovation projects visit First Coast Supply to see the latest trends in kitchen and bathroom design including kitchen appliances in Jacksonville, Florida. We are passionate about helping our customers create beautiful homes.  

Thankfully, the all the latest trends include introducing color back after a few years of light or white color palates. Also, smart technology solutions are here to stay in home renovation and design. Check out our list of affordable renovation ideas:

Create Curb Appeal

You can’t ignore curb appeal, try to add plants for a splash of color! Also, trim trees and shrubs to keep things looking fresh. Another way to add curb appeal is by painting your front door and updating your porch. Focus on items that will add visual appeal without costing a lot of money.

Brighten the Colors

Paint is a cheap way to make a big improvement in the look of your home. Brighter colors are back on trend in home design, and fall is a great time to paint indoor spaces. Warm blues and greens, ranging from smoothing neutral tones to bright pops of emerald, are all the rage right now. Also, red walls are back! Add a splash of color to your dining room with a red accent wall.

Minor Kitchen Remodel

Did you know that a minor kitchen remodel actually has a higher return on your investment than a major kitchen remodel? Don’t worry if you don’t have the budget for a full kitchen remodel. Focus on the areas in your kitchen that are more affordable to upgrade or select one large item to tackle like replacing the countertops. Also, new kitchen appliances are always a smart investment, especially if they have cost-saving, energy efficient, smart technology.

Bathroom Upgrades

Just like with kitchens, major bathroom remodels have a lower return on investment than midrange or minor bathroom remodels. You can easily improve the look of your bathroom on a tight budget. Start with the accent features like new linens and accessories. If your budget allows, upgrade your showerhead to a trendy rain showerhead. With a little work and creativity, you can make your bathroom look brand new without breaking your budget.

Focus on the Details

If you want affordable renovations, keep your focus small. Tackle your home’s details that can make a big visual impact without hitting your pocketbook hard. Add crown molding to give a room an upscale feel. Also, replace the fixtures in your kitchen and bathroom to modern metals like brushed nickel or rose gold. Updated drawer pulls and handles also make a big impression at a low cost. If you have a little more room in your budget, smart lighting can improve look of your home and add energy efficiency.

Keep It Affordable

You don’t have to tackle full-scale renovation projects to create a fresh look in your home. Focus on affordable renovations to keep your home on trend and well-maintained.

The First Coast Supply Showroom offers inspiration for your home remodel. We have a variety of kitchen and bathroom ideas on display including kitchen appliances at our Jacksonville, Florida location. Start planning today for your home renovations.