Appliance Delivery Jacksonville, FL

There are plenty of retailers out there that will sell you kitchen appliances, but how many of them are going to be able to provide that superior customer service?  When shopping for kitchen appliances, you want to get the total package.  You want the wealth of selection that a top-tier retailer is going to offer, along with customer service, and delivery services that will not only allow you to buy the appliance, but ensure the appliance delivery Jacksonville FL are completed to get it in your home, hooked up, and ready to go.


Appliance Delivery Services

Appliance delivery Jacksonville FL services are all about completing the transaction between a superior retailer and a customer.  Our goal, when you buy an appliance from us, is to work with you on the delivery so that we can nail it.  We want to get you the products you ordered, place them in the proper position, do all of the hookup or installation work, and get you ready to go.

Our customer service team is going to work with you as you go through the sales order process.  When you are working with them in our store, talk to them about your desired for delivery and installation.  Everything that is documented in that sales order is what is going to be executed upon delivering to your residence.


Superior Delivery

We have a massive fleet of trucks that is going to be able to help us with as many deliveries as we need to complete.  15 vehicles in total make up the fleet, with full-size delivery trucks to smaller trailers and such.  We can deliver everything from appliances to granite countertops, even cabinets if you ordered those as well.  

Cabinets are one of the areas where we are regularly utilized for our professional installation of those as well.  When we deliver cabinets, make sure we know beforehand if you intend on having us do the actual installation work.  What will happen with these is that the cabinets will be delivered a few days before the installation and staged somewhere in the home.  Our professionals will then arrive on-site to follow through with the installation.


Customer Responsibilities

It is also important to note other factors that go along with appliance delivery.  Certain appliances are not going to be installed by retailers, including us.  These are things such as garbage disposals, hoods, drop-in ranges, and compactors.  Dishwashers are the same as well since you need a qualified gas, plumbing, and or HVAC professional to handle these.  The same goes for anything that requires an electrical hook-up outside of just plugging it into the wall.

Our appliance delivery Jacksonville FL services are second to none.  Any issues that you have we are going to address so that the delivery goes smooth, the hook-up as you would expect.  You always expect the best as a customer, and our goal is to ensure that your needs are met from top to bottom.