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3 Summer Kitchen Ideas for an Enjoyable Season

No summer in Florida is complete if it’s not spent primarily outdoors. Between beach days, afternoons on the boat and hours by the pool, it’s important to equip your family with the right warm weather amenities. Weather that’s sunscreen or an outdoor stovetop, everyone has a little indulgence they love. We may be biased, but Read More …

Spacious Ideas for Your Small Bathroom

Limited space doesn’t mean your bathroom has to be bland. Look at limited square footage as a fun challenge to make the most of every inch. From strategic shelving to flattering paint colors, there are a few simple ways to maximize the area. When you’re ready to take the plunge into bathroom remodeling at your Jacksonville Read More …

3 Storage Upgrades Your Kitchen Needs

With spring cleaning right around the corner, homeowners will start to consider different ways to declutter. While sending boxes to one of the Jacksonville Goodwill locations is a great start, there are just certain items with which you can’t part ways. A smart option is to undergo a simple kitchen remodel that increases storage space.