Bath Fixtures

Having a space that brings you peace is the ultimate luxury. Create that sense of luxury in your own home with tubs, showers and fixtures that are the perfect blend of style and function.


Few things rival the feeling of soaking in a hot bath after a long day. Indulge yourself with your choice of a classic tub, a relaxing air bath or a theraputic whirlpool tub.


Getting clean should not be a chore. Rain heads, body jets, steam showers and hand wands all provide fabulous ways to wash the worries of the day away.


Choosing the perfect sink requires a wide selection of styles and materials. We make that easy with the selection we have to offer.


A faucet needs to more than an overlooked accessory. Choose from a variety of styles and finishes to find the perfect choice to complete your space.


Whether your decor is classic or modern we have a toilet to match. Combine it with a high tech bidet to give your washroom an upgrade in sophistication.