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Bathroom Upgrade Trends to Integrate in 2020

Interior design trends become more creative and impressive as the years pass. It’s not only our job to supply all of the on-trend fixtures and appliances you want, but we also help homeowners by forecasting future design favorites. First Coast Supply is here with all of the timeless trends you’ll see as we begin the new year. From going green (in more ways than one!) to creative tilework, here are some bathroom designs to consider for your next remodel:

Be Bold and Go Green

We challenge you to take this one full-circle. While live plants will find their way into bathrooms this year, green hues on the walls and tiles are also a timeless trend. When it comes to indoor foliage, we love the idea of creating a calming space with plants on the window sill or strategically placed inside your shower.

When it comes to vibrant shades of green, think emerald tile work paired with gold fixtures. Bathrooms in darker shades are a great way to customize your powder room and wow your guests.

Stand Out from the Crowd with a Standalone Tub

There’s so much more available than traditional clawfoot tubs these days. Leading interior designers draw inspiration from other cultures and unique water basins to give homeowners like you a never-before-seen look.

If you have a larger bathroom space, consider switching up the location of your tub. Place a standalone bathtub in the center of the room, up against a wall of windows or angled in the corner. Take it one step further with a unique tub design like hammered gold or cement.

Give Your Tile Some Texture

Gone are the days of plain white tile (to be honest, we still love a good while bathroom…) Tile manufacturers have become creative with designs for 2020. 3D, matte and bright colors are all popular options for modern bathroom renovations.

Many high-end tiles now come with dimension and depth. This unique approach to tile design adds a whole new approach to small bathroom spaces. Your tile is now a piece of art in bathrooms of all sizes, making it more important than ever to choose a top-quality design.

Partner with Jacksonville’s Leading Bathroom Design Experts

Out-of-the-ordinary bathroom designs aren’t an easy thing to pull off. Pinterest and design websites fill your head with beautiful visions, but it takes true professionals to bring these ideas to life. That’s where First Coast Supply comes in.

Are you ready to give your home a facelift? Reach out to our team to schedule your showroom visit and discuss the details of your upcoming project.