Best Brands for Your Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens offer year-round entertainment space for Florida homeowners. This popular home addition creates an extra outdoor room to extend your home’s living space. When designing and installing an outdoor kitchen, select features that offer quality, function and style. The main features of an outdoor kitchen are the appliances, sinks, countertops and cabinets. Select brands that are built to last and hold up to the external elements.

At First Coast Supply, we offer a wide variety of outdoor kitchen brands to meet your needs. As a Monogram carrier in Jacksonville, Florida, our Showroom helps inspire homeowners in the design of your dream outdoor kitchen.


Important Considerations for Your Outdoor Kitchen


One of the key considerations when selecting appliances are the features. Choose brands and styles that offer your desired functions. Especially for outdoor appliances, you want the functionality that offers the convenience of an indoor kitchen. For example, you may want a gas grill with multiple burners and a pizza oven. Today’s brands offer options to fit your specific needs.


Even a covered outdoor kitchen will have wear-and-tear from the weather. Especially in Florida, frequent storms and the high humidity can damage your outdoor kitchen. Select durable materials like aluminum and stainless steel. Also, look for brands that offer a good warranty. If you are investing in an outdoor kitchen, you want it to last!


While functionality and durability are critical, you want your outdoor kitchen to look amazing too. Determine the style of your outdoor kitchen to match both your preferences and your home’s design. Look for brands that offer the style that matches your vision for your outdoor kitchen.


Top Outdoor Kitchen Brands


Monogram offers refrigerators and cooking centers designed specifically for outdoor kitchens. The stainless-steel finish makes a great option for durability outdoors. Monogram is an excellent choice for luxury kitchen design.  


Lynx has one of the top-rated outdoor refrigerators. However, Lynx offers way more than just a quality fridge. You can outfit your entire outdoor kitchen with top-of-the-line Lynx products. They even offer outdoor storage components including a trash center. Lynx has everything you need for your dream outdoor kitchen from warming drawers to a gas double side burner grill with rotisserie.


DCS is another top brand offered at First Coast Supply. DCS specializes in outdoor grills with all the bells and whistles. However, they too offer a wide-range of outdoor appliances, including refrigerators, warming drawers, ice makers, storage drawers and more.


Unlike many of the other brands that offer appliances for your indoor and outdoor kitchens,
Alfresco specializes in outdoor cooking. From refrigerators to grills, they’ve got your dream kitchen covered. They offer sealed dry pantries, hand washing sinks, beverage centers and more.

Create Your Dream Outdoor Kitchen

When designing your outdoor kitchen, take time to think about both your design style and the brands that offer lasting function and durability. An outdoor kitchen adds functionality, space and value to your home. Create a space that lets you entertain all year long.


At First Coast Supply, Monogram carriers in Jacksonville, we offer top brands to create your dream outdoor kitchen. Visit our showroom for design inspiration.