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Cabinet Colors: Paint vs. Stain

Gourmet Kitchen with designer upgrades including travertine

As a company that takes pride in helping people remodel their kitchens, we get a lot of persistent and common questions.  One of them is around what to do with paint or stain about cabinets.  We will be asked, do you think is it better to stain the cabinets or to paint them?  While there is no clear cut answer as to which way you should go, having more information from our Jacksonville kitchen stores professionals can help

Personal Choice

The biggest thing to remember when you are comparing stain to paint as a way to redo your cabinets is that it comes down to personal preference.  When you shop our Jacksonville kitchen stores, you will see that many cabinets come with a stain finish, while many others have that paint finish to them. Modern finishes are such that it comes down to personal aesthetics more than anything.  Do you prefer the look of a natural wood grain, or do you prefer the look of solid paint?

The Aesthetic Difference

The aesthetic differences between stain and paint are pretty clear when you look at two cabinets side by side.  A cabinet that is stained is going to show some imperfections. You are going to see the natural wood.  The stain is going to shade the wood a certain color, but it is not going to be one solid color that you see.  Paint is different in that you are going to be hiding the imperfections of the wood, painting right over them with a solid color.

Some homeowners are going with two-tone kitchens where you have a mixture of stains and paint. This is a unique approach that can help set the kitchen apart from others, giving a very different look.

The easiest way to tell the difference between stain and paint is to look for the grain of the wood.  If you can see the wood grain, it is a stain.  If you cannot, it is painted.

Durability Changes

Does stain or paint protect cabinets better depending on what is used?  Regardless as to whether you use a stain or paint, this should not matter as long as you are doing a finish coat.  It is always recommended that a high-quality protective coating is added to cabinets after you paint or stain them. The coating is going to assist in protecting the cabinets from wear and tear that they will face every single day.  They could get bumps and moisture will hit them.

All of the finish coating work will allow you to wipe them down quickly and not do harm to the paint. Durability will not matter with paint or stain as long as they are adequately finished and protected.

Deciding between a paint or a stain with kitchen cabinets is more on personal preference than anything. Both are going to do great making the kitchen look beautiful and adding a high quality and durable look.  As long as you adequately finish the cabinets, you are going to be set for years to come.  Talk to our Jacksonville kitchen stores professionals to get more insight as to what look is going to suit your kitchen’s style.