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Choosing Between a Range, Cooktop, or a Wall Oven for Your New Remodeled Kitchen

There are lot of wall cabintes and pantry cupboard fixed to the wall with A silver refrigerator and microwave oven. There are two cermic countertops both sides ona has black color modern stove surrounded by plants with white flowers also there are spoons

When you are remodeling a kitchen, you have so many different things that you want to consider. You have to think about the flooring, what you want the cabinets to look like, the ceiling, countertops, as well as the appliances. Appliances are always recommended to be something that you start with when you are remodeling a kitchen because they are going to drive the style of kitchen that you want.  Modern appliances should be purchased when you are designing a modern looking kitchen, and vice versa for something that is a bit more rustic or country in its design.  Our team at First Coast Supply is the leader in appliance stores Jacksonville FL to help you make all of the big appliance decisions.

The Free Standing Range

The free standing range oven is the most common thing that is seen in kitchens in this day and age. The great thing about a free standing range is that you have the oven and the stove top right in one unit.  The unit can be moved in and out, meaning that it can easily be upgraded, worked on for repairs, and so on.  These are very energy efficient in their design and pack a lot of quality features that you may not expect.

Some of the more prominent features of a free standing range include impeccable control over temperature, power boil on the stove top, as well as added space so that you can fix that big Thanksgiving turkey in the oven with no problem at all.

The disadvantage of a free standing range is that you need to make room for it in your kitchen.  When you already do not have a lot of space for new cabinets and such, making a wide enough open space to fit range may really take away from giving your kitchen the ideal layout that you want.

Cooktop and Wall Oven Combination

The cooktop and wall oven combination continue to gain in popularity among homeowners.  With a wall oven and cooktop combo, you are taking the one free standing range appliance and splitting it over two appliances.  The wall oven portion is going to cover the oven in a free standing range, and it is going to be placed inside of your wall or your cabinets.  The great thing about a wall oven is that it does not take away as much cabinet space as a freestanding range.  It can also make for a much more seamless look as it is built right into the cabinets.

The cooktops sold at appliance stores Jacksonville FL let you have the stove top that you get in a free standing range, just in isolation.  The cooktop is a cooking surface that is going to sit right on your countertop inside of a cutout that is made for it.  They come in all sorts of sizes and designs, with some of them being completely touch, meaning there are no button or knobs to push, giving it a great and clean look.

The biggest disadvantage of a cooktop and a wall oven combination is that you are going to be buying two appliances when you could just buy one in a free standing range.

Once you have reached the point where you are ready to choose your appliances, the decision is whether you want to go with a free standing range oven and stove, or a cooktop and wall oven combination.  There are positives and negatives to both of these and understanding all of this will help you make a decision for your new remodeled kitchen.