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Choosing Between Quartz or Granite Countertops for Your Northern Florida Kitchen

Modern luxury kitchen interior with granite countertop

Two of the most popular choices that are out there for those remodeling a kitchen and installing new countertops include granite, as well as quartz.  Both of these materials are in high demand and have lots of elegance, durability, and general appeal.  What are the significant differences between these two types of countertops though and what considerations should you be making when trying to decide?  The goal, when you are trying to decide on kitchen counters Jacksonville FL, is to get as much information as possible.

Knowledge is power when you are shopping for kitchen counters Jacksonville FL.  The more information that you have, the more of a sound decision you are going to be able to make, one that is grounded in facts rather than beliefs based on false information.  This is where we come into play at First Coast Supply as we want to teach our customers as much as possible so they can make the best decision they can.

How Each of the Stones Are Made

The biggest difference when you are comparing quartz and granite is the way in which each of the stones is made.  When you are talking about granite kitchen counters Jacksonville FL, you are talking real rock. When you have granite countertops installed, you are getting counters that are made of solid stone that has been cut off of a slab, polished, and turned into the beautiful counters that you now see.

Quartz is a very different material as it is a material that is known as engineered stone.  Quartz has to be made and is manufactured from taking quartz, crushing it all up, mixing it with colors, and then binding it all back together.  A quartz countertop is typically made of around 95% of the actually crushed quartz.  That is the biggest difference point to call out at the starting gate, granite is natural, authentic stone, while quartz is engineered.

Aesthetic Appeal

Both granite and quartz kitchen counters Jacksonville FL are going to be able to deliver in the aesthetic appeal department.  Colors in quartz countertops, since they are engineered, are going to be more consistent.  Granite countertops can have colors that vary from one area of the stone to the next.  There is not one or the other that is better; it comes down to what looks more appealing to you and your family as you are trying to make an informed decision.

Durability of the Countertops

Granite is not going to be quite as durable as quartz, but it is pretty close.  Granite needs to be sealed when it is installed and then resealed on a periodic basis.  Quartz does not require this as it is sealed when it is engineered and does not need to be resealed.  From a lifespan perspective, you can anticipate that you are going to get up to 50-years out of both of these types of counters, which is impressive, to say the least.  While quartz is a bit more durable across the board compared to granite, it is pretty close.

The Price Point

Quartz and granite are both expensive regarding comparing them to laminate kitchen counters Jacksonville FL. They are both going to come in at a price point of around $75 to $150 per square foot, depending on which style you go with, how rare the quartz or granite is that you are seeking, and so on.

Quartz and granite are both two of the best kitchen counters Jacksonville FL options out there.  They are durable, they look tremendous, come in a variety of colors, and give your kitchen that natural stone look.  Understanding the differences between each can help you make a decision, and us at First Coast Supply are here to assist you as you go through the process.