Choosing the Best Type of Marble Counters for Your Home

It’s a simple fact – marble countertops add luxury to a home’s design. Because marble is a luxury feature with a luxury price, you want to choose the best type of marble for your lifestyle and design style. First Coast Supply creates custom marble counters for homes in Jacksonville, FL and surrounding areas. We’re here to help you make the best choice.

Is Marble Right for You?

Sure, marble is the first thing you likely consider when designing a high-end kitchen. But when you really start thinking about your lifestyle and cooking habits, marble just might not be the best option. Natural marble stone is beautiful and adds a timeless luxury to your kitchen or bathroom design. However, it’s porous and etches easily.

Some homeowners love the natural character as marble changes over time. However, other homeowners like a crisp, clean and constant look for their home. The patina that marble develops may not be desirable for all homeowners.

Before you commit to marble, understand the changes your marble counters will endure over the years, including staining and etching.

Marble Colors and Types

Marble comes in many natural colors, ranging in different shades of white all the way to dark gray and black. White marble is the most popular type, varying from lighter white to grayish white. Please note that all marble has veins that run through the natural surface.

Marble is mined in quarries around the world in places like Italy and Colorado. Italian marble is popular. The three main types of Italian marble are: Carrara, Calacatta and Statuario. Carrara is the most often used of the three. Statuario is the most precious and most expensive of these Italian marbles.

No two slabs of marble are the same. Each piece is unique and offers a natural design element for your home. Work with your design professional at First Coast Supply to understand the vast options available for marble origin and color.

Marble Finishes

Marble is available in two main finishes. Each finish is designed to match particular style preferences.

Honed Marble Finish

Honed marble is sanded to create a smooth, soft look and feel. The marble looks more rustic and the color is more muted than polished marble. The sanded finish doesn’t show scratches as easily as with polished marble. Sanding marble opens the pores and increases the risk of stains.

Polished Marble Finish

Polished marble is grinded and buffed to create a high-gloss shine. The veins and colors are highlighted when polished. Polished marble reflects light and appears sleeker. Polishing the marble makes it less porous; however, it shows etching more than honed marble.

If an elegant home is your goal, marble is a great first step toward achieving this look. Marble countertops work best in areas of the home that don’t experience high volumes of spills. Consider marble counters for bathrooms and accent spaces in your kitchen. Marble also works well when combined with other materials, like butcher block or quartz.


At First Coast Supply we receive the marble slabs from the quarries. We then cut, polish, seal and install your custom countertops. Visit our Jacksonville showroom to see samples of custom marble counters. We can’t wait to work with you!