Countertop Showdown: Granite vs. Quartz

Countertop Showdown: Granite vs. Quartz
Modern designer kitchen with a granite island.

When homeowners are trying to make a decision as to the best material to go with for their kitchen counters Jacksonville FL, two options usually have the most appeal. Granite and quartz usually are the first and second choice of so many homeowners, and the rank of them is completely interchangeable depending on who you ask.It is countertop showdown time between granite and quartz.Which of these two materials for countertops makes the most sense? Is one of these two material options superior to the other? We answer some of these questions to help you decide.


Difference in the Make-Up

There is going to be a big difference in the composition of either quartz or granite when you are talking about these kitchen counters Jacksonville FL.The big difference comes from one being made of solid stone, while the other is from what is known as engineered stone.Simply put, granite is the most authentic choice.

Granite countertops are pure, natural stone.  When you buy a piece of granite, you are purchasing a piece stone that has been fabricated to meet the size needs of your kitchen countertops.Due to them being made of natural stone, every single slab of granite is going to be unique.

Quartz is a bit different in that it is a piece of stone, but it is going to be engineered stone.Quartz is manufactured by companies by basically taking a whole bunch of crushed quartz and binding them all together.Quartz content is what you want to pay attention to when buying these types of kitchen counters Jacksonville FL.You want around 94% quartz content, as the rest is going to be pigment for color, as well as the resin to bind it all together.


Visual Appearance

The visual appearance between quartz and granite is going to vary, not only between the two types of materials but between two slabs of precisely the same material.Both granite and quartz have their high sides when you are talking about visual appeal.Granite is all about variety and a real natural look with the stone.Quartz has colors that are going to be far more consistent across the slab.

Whether one looks better than the other is honestly up to your personal taste.Some like how unique granite can be with the color change from one end of the counter to the next, while others like the more consistent and even look that quartz provides.


Maintenance and Durability

In the areas of maintenance and durability, quartz is going to win out.Quartz requires extremely minimal maintenance and is a non-porous material as well.  The only real maintenance that granite needs are that it has to be sealed annually.  Outside of that, though, maintenance is also pretty minimal.

Both of these types of countertops are going to have a lifespan that is extremely long, 25-years minimum.  Quartz only wins out in this department just because it is engineered and does not require you to seal it for that extra level of care.


Cost Comparison

The cost category is pretty even when you are comparing quartz and granite for your kitchen counters Jacksonville FL.  Granite and quartz can vary a lot regarding the expenses that are going to go along with the material.  When you buy quartz, depending on what you buy, the price per square foot may be $75, or it may be $150.  Granite is much the same, with a similar range depending on the type of material that you go with, the rarity of the color you choose, and so on.

Granite and quartz are pretty similar regarding the benefits they provide to homeowners.  For your kitchen counters Jacksonville FL, you cannot go wrong with either material.  It all comes down to visually what you are looking to get out of them, how they fit into your budget, durability, maintenance, the total package.  Assess it all together so you can make a sound decision for the be best counters possible for your kitchen.