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Countertops 101: The Best Counters for Your Bathroom

Modern luxury kitchen granite countertop samples for interior kitchen decoration

It can be both a blessing and a curse for consumers regarding the number of options that exist for bathroom countertops.  When you are going through a bathroom remodeling process, the choosing of the countertops can be the most tricky.  You probably have an idea of what you want the bathroom to look like, and the countertops are going to play into that, but what is going to be ideal for your new space?  The best bathroom counters Jacksonville FL are going to be those that are going to withstand the wear and tear of a bathroom experience.  The splashing of the water, the humidity levels in the room, and everything else.  


Granite countertops are one of the most popular among those doing bathroom remodeling. One of the great things about granite for bathroom counters Jacksonville FL is that there are so many options.  There are plenty of patterns that granite is going to come in and you will find the color and style that exactly meets your needs.  The material of granite is ideal for a bathroom as it is hard and very resistant to scratching.  If you place a hot curling iron on granite, no problem at all.  The same goes for high humidity levels.  The negative with granite is the price point.


Quartz is a traditional material as well for bathroom counters Jacksonville FL.  The great thing about quartz is that it brings with it many of the benefits that you get from granite, only it does not require it to be sealed at all.  It is made up of about 95% natural stone and is resistant to scratching, heat, humidity, and so on.

The one takeaway from quartz that can detract it from being the ideal choice for bathroom counters Jacksonville FL is that it does have the ability to show fingerprints and smudges that much more.  You will find yourself wiping down quartz more frequently than you would granite.


Another popular material for bathroom counters Jacksonville FL is that of marble.  This is a very durable material that is incredibly robust and resistant to dents, etc.  It is expensive, but when marble is polished and clean, there is nothing like it.  It can adapt to any style of bathroom that you are putting together.

The material of marble is porous in nature.  This means that it is going to have the ability to be prone to stains, as well as scratches.  You may want to be careful with marble if you are putting it in a bathroom for this reason.


Laminate is not going to be as durable as many of the other materials that we talked about above, but it is going to look great and also have the lowest price point. Laminate is fantastic due to all of the different patterns and designs that the material comes in.

Laminate truly can be fabricated to match any bathroom of any style.  It can look beautiful if you are doing an ultra modern bathroom, or one that is going to be rustic, a country in style.  There are wood finishes, stone finishes, all resembling the real thing. Though not as durable or long lasting as the others, it is much less expensive and easy to maintain.

To make an educated decision on the best bathroom counters Jacksonville FL, you need to have information on-hand. You need to do your research and have a firm understanding of all of the various options that are available to you. Think through what you want the bathroom to look like, how functional you want the countertops to be. Once you do your research, it is then that you will be able to settle on a decision.