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Design a Bathroom that Fits Your Lifestyle

Just think about it. Your bathroom is the one room everyone uses in your home, which makes it a great space to invest your renovation budget. Start your summer with your dream bathroom, so now is the perfect time to renovate! From small updates like paint color to a full-scale remodel, you can create your dream bathroom no matter your budget.

First things First…

The key to any successful renovation project is to create a solid plan before you begin. First, determine your project budget. Focus on the most important items, like updated bathroom fixtures. Work within your budget to create the best space for the money.


Determine your design style and create a wish list for your dream bathroom. Use online tools like Pinterest to track products and features you hope to include in your project. Also, visit local showrooms and design centers before you begin.

Work with a professional contractor or designer to develop a design plan for full-scale renovations. Especially when dealing with plumbing and electrical work, hiring skilled professions can save you money in the long run. You don’t want to run the risk of poorly installed outlets, lighting or pipes.

Plan Out Your Dream Renovation

Regardless of your design style preference, there are specific elements to include in a luxury, dream bathroom. The current trend is to create a spa-like retreat for bathrooms. Whether you’re adding a guest bathroom or remodeling your master suite, with the right elements, you’ll develop a hidden oasis in your home.

High-Quality Fixtures

Start with upscale fixtures for your bathroom. These include the toilet, bathtub, shower, and vanity. Modern bathroom fixtures offer smart technology options like voice control, remote access, and customized features. Top brands, like Toto appliances, add a luxurious feel with cleanliness, top-quality, durability, and functionality.

Designer Tilework and Counters

True luxury is established in the details. This includes luxury tiles and countertops. Invest in products that add value to your home, like marble and granite. For backsplashes, add color and flair with intricate tile designs. For bathroom floors, ceramic tiles offer a wide selection of styles while providing an upscale feel with lasting durability.

Bold Lighting Choices

Today’s lighting options are limitless. Select smart LED lighting for added energy efficiency. Dimmable lighting works well to create a relaxed environment while also providing ample lighting for your personal care needs. Lighting is also a great place to include trendy features because it’s more easily updated than some other elements of the bathroom, like bathroom fixtures.

Bring Your Dream Bathroom to Life

Start with a solid plan and quality elements to create your dream bathroom. Visit the First Coast Supply Showroom in Jacksonville to see the latest trends and timeless design features for your bathroom. We can’t wait to work with you!