Different Appliance Finishes to Fit Every Kitchen Style

Clean and contemporary? Dark and moody? Every homeowner has a totally different taste from their next-door neighbors. While you may have a similar decor style to others in Jacksonville, you’ll always have your own unique eye. Kitchen appliances of every budget come in so many different looks these days. From pops of modern color to slick stainless steel, the First Coast Supply design crew is here with our favorite appliances of the year.

1. Contemporary white is nothing like its outdated counterpart

When many people envision white appliances, they see an outdated kitchen from the early 2000s. Modern white appliances compete with black and stainless steel as homeowner go-tos. Those white textured microwaves and refrigerators from 15+ years ago are nothing like the gorgeous options on the market today.


Choose white appliances if you have neutral cabinetry, light counters and plenty of natural light. All of the whites and neutrals blend together to create the perfect bright enclave. If there’s any hint of darkness in your kitchen, avoid this finish.

2. Paneled appliances are a favorite for custom kitchens

Disguise your appliances into your cabinetry with a paneled dishwasher and refrigerator. This is a perfect option for many homes at the beach to create the illusion of a larger space.


The panels are completely custom to the look you want to achieve, so have fun with this finish style. Work closely with your First Coast Supply designer to create a well-rounded look for your space.

3. Matte black is a modern look homeowners love

These are one of the newest, most captivating options on the appliance scene today. They’re slick, high-end and perfect for homes of many styles. This is a great choice for homeowners with children as the finish is smudge- and fingerprint-proof.


Matte black appliances are excellent for large kitchens, but small kitchens can still take advantage of this trend. Install strategic uplighting to create the look of a larger space.

Work with Jacksonville’s Appliance and Design Experts

If you’re going to design your kitchen, you might as well design every inch to your liking. The appliance finish you choose completely sets the tone for your kitchen.
The team at First Coast Supply is here to elevate every aspect of your kitchen and bathrooms. From the tile you install to the appliances you choose, our Jacksonville showroom is here with all of the options. Reach out to us today to get started on your perfect culinary space.