3 Must-Have Elements of a Farmhouse Style Kitchen

Farmhouse style homes are sought-after look for homeowners everywhere. This budget-friendly design has dominated social media and design sites for years, and it isn’t going anywhere fast. The cozy, clean, inviting look of a farmhouse-style home is appealing to Jacksonville residents of every budget. If you’re ready to revamp your kitchen, we’re here to help you add farmhouse elements.

The Simple Breakdown of a Classic Farmhouse Kitchen

You can create a classic farmhouse kitchen with a small budget and a quick timeframe with a little creativity and some professionals you can trust. A farmhouse kitchen often includes elements like a sliding barn door, wood-plated cooking range, exposed beams and a shiplap ceiling.

#1 The Farmhouse Sink is a Great Place to Start

The farmhouse sink is the key element of any true farmhouse-style kitchen. Identified by its porcelain white base and deep bowl, a farmhouse sink creates a beautifully rustic look that is second to none in the country home space.

This sink design is nothing new to the kitchen design space. When you work with the First Coast Supply professionals, we can help you find an affordable sink that exceeds all expectations.

#2 Exposed Brick is Your Bestfriend

Natural and painted brick alike are keys to a great farmhouse design. Gone are the days of trying to disguise the brick accents in our homes! Take advantage of and brick you might have and thank your lucky stars you don’t have to buy it. If you aren’t one of the fortunate homeowners with a brick wall or fireplace, simply head to your local hardware store to purchase materials.

Exposed brick is a constant trend you won’t regret adding to your home design. While it may be a bit out there, white brick backsplashes are a clever way to take your farmhouse look to the next level.

#3 Custom Cabinetry is Key to Achieving Your Look

Google any image of a farmhouse kitchen and you’ll likely see ranges, kitchen islands and cabinetry with a “z-back” carpentry design. This rustic look isn’t by accident, of course. They’re inspired by the barn doors from which we draw inspiration for the overall design scheme. You can use these types of cabinets in the bathroom, kitchen and anywhere in the home you need storage.

Take Your Design Full-Circle with the Folks at First Coast Supply

Achieving a farmhouse design in your kitchen is one of the simplest and most affordable looks you could want. It’s all about having a vision, identifying the style you want and working with professionals to make it happen.

Our home renovations professionals are here to help create your dream look within budget. Reach out to us with your ideas and vision and we’ll get to work right away. Be sure to swing by our Jacksonville showroom for some design inspiration.