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From The Experts: Top 3 Most Family-Friendly Refrigerators

Little kiddos running around the home makes you think twice about every purchase you make. From the snacks in your pantry to the appliances in your kitchen, houses with children simply require a little extra attention. We’re here to point you in the right direction if you’re in the market for a new fridge. Here’s our expert advice on the best appliances for families today:

Look for Dedicated Drawers to Store Drinks and Snacks

The added drawer to refrigerators is one of the best appliance innovations in the 21st century. These compartments on built specifically for snacks and are within arms reach of the little ones.

LG features a popular model with four preset temperatures that can accommodate many different foods. Higher temperatures are great for juice boxes, cheese crackers and yogurt. Your dedicated appliance expert will walk you through the First Coast Supply showroom to find your perfect model.

A Door Alarm is the Reminder Your Kids Need to Shut the Door

Popular appliance brands offer refrigerators with alarms to help with energy efficiency and food preservation. Kids frequently leave refrigerator doors wide open, and this simple alarm notifies the whole family to close the doors.

Most refrigerator alarms begin to sound after 60 seconds of inactivity. If anyone in your family is hard of hearing, many models can flash a bright light in sync with the alarm. Many of our appliance experts have kids of their own, so they understand the struggle. We’ll get to work finding a fridge that meets your needs from the very minute you call our team.

Smudge-Resistant Surfaces are a Family’s Best Friend

Any parents know the struggle of ever-popular stainless steel appliances. It might have been the must-have trend of the last decade, but its lack of magnetism and tendency to show smudges doesn’t make stainless steel ideal for households with children.

New trends replace stainless steel as the homeowner favorite going into 2020. GE Profile offers homeowners beautiful matte and slate refrigerators that check all the boxes of modern parents. Easily display your kids’ art and forget allll about scratches and handprints. Other important features include a door alarm, spillproof shelves and an internal water dispenser.

Find Your Perfect Fridge at the First Coast Supply Showroom

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