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Five Tips to Make Your Living Space Seem Bigger

Smaller spaces are making a comeback for homeowners. Whether you’re choosing to transition to a new, tiny home or are buying your first small condo, you want to maximize your space. Currently, many options are available to make your small space more effective. Use techniques like paint or purchase space saving items like wall ovens from your Jacksonville area appliance store to have the look and feel you want for your small space.

Here are five tips to make your small space seem bigger:

Use Light Colors on your Walls

One super simple tip to make your space feel larger is to use lighter colors on your walls. Select paint colors in lighter shades to make your rooms feel more spacious. Also, choose art work and other wall decorations in lighter shades.

Another item to consider is selecting lighter colored drapes. You may also find your space will feel larger if your drapes match your wall color. By keeping your colors light, your rooms will feel larger and cleaner.

Get Creative with Storage Solutions

Affordable and functional furniture is available everywhere these days. A few great options are to choose a bedframe that includes storage doors. This can eliminate the need for a dresser. Also, for the living room, you can find many items that double as hidden storage like ottomans and side tables.

For the kitchen, there are now tables with build-in inlays to maximize space but still allow for an option to have more seating for guests. If you’re creative with your furniture purchases, you’ll be able to maximize your storage space.

Use Mirrors to Make your Space Look Larger

Mirrors are an excellent choice to create the illusion of more space. This is a great trick for any room in your home.

A large mirror placed strategically can also help in a room that lacks windows to help reflect light. Mirrors also add a beautiful decorative feel to your home.

Choose the Right Appliances for your Kitchen

A small kitchen can be difficult to manage. Because the kitchen is often the most used area in your home, you want to ensure this area is well equipped. One way we’ve found to help small kitchens feel larger is by incorporating wall ovens for our Jacksonville, Florida clients.

The space saving appliances will make your kitchen look and feel bigger without losing the functionality that you crave. Top brand appliances are available with space saving options.

Replace Solid Cabinet Doors with Glass Doors

Another simple change you can make is to remove your solid cabinet doors and replace them with glass doors. At First Coast Supply, we offer a wide-range of cabinet options including installation.

By changing out your solid cabinet doors for glass, you’ll make the space feel larger. Because your stored items will now be on display, it’ll also inspire you to eliminate unnecessary clutter from your kitchen.

First Coast Supply offers countertops, cabinets and appliances to Jacksonville, Florida and surrounding areas. We’re here to help you maximize your space. Contact us or visit our showroom today to learn more about how we can help you with your home remodels.