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Five Unique Appliance Advancements That Are Changing Kitchens Forever

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Remember when we used to all think about the kitchen of the future and all of the cool and unique things that it would bring to our lives? Well, the kitchen the future is arguably already here thanks in large part the many unique appliance advancements that have been made in recent years. Kitchen appliances are getting smarter, they have new gadgets and gizmos built into them, they have the ability to interact with the Internet, with our smartphones, and even ourselves in whole new ways. We at First Coast Supply know this which is why our appliance stores Jacksonville FL strive to keep up with this technology to offer it to you, our customers, to change your kitchen experience forever.

The unique appliance advancements that have been made in recent years go from your oven to your refrigerator and more. The whole idea here is to just strive to always make things better and that is exactly what appliance makers continue to do. Their goal is always to make your life easier and to deliver to you new features that are going to make cooking more enjoyable, more effective, more efficient, and so on.

Refrigerators with WiFi

One of the more unique additions that we have seen in our appliance stores Jacksonville FL is refrigerators that actually have the ability to connect to WiFi. They have enabled LCD displays right on the refrigerator to help you connect with the outside world. Let us say that you want to have a slice of pizza. You think you have some leftover, so you go to the fridge to check it out, only to find out that someone has eaten it already. Right on the fridge, through the LCD screen, you can actually make a phone call to have that pizza delivered right to your front door, pretty crazy right? Companies such as Samsung and others already have this technology rolling out and it is only going to expand further.

The Touch Cooktop

One of the biggest gripes that people used to have when it came to cooktops was that the knobs would stick up and take away from counter space, not look uniform with the rest of the kitchen, and so on. That is no longer the case as there are plenty of cooktop options out there now that are fully touch only. This means that there are no knobs, simply touch sensors that let you turn the cooktop on quickly and easily. Touch the flush button on the cooktop surface and away you go with your cooking.

Coffee Maker and Fridge in One

We all want to free up the counter space that we have as much as we possibly can. Well, companies are realizing that and many of them are starting to come out with fridges that have coffee makers, such as the Keurig, built right into the doorframe with the water and the ice dispenser. Now if you want a cup of coffee, you are actually going to the fridge before you go to a separate coffee machine out on your counter.

Windows Inside of the Fridge

The other cool advancement appliance stores Jacksonville FL are starting to carry like us is refrigerators that actually let you see inside of them, without opening the door. These are like having windows, but they are in the form of LCD screens that, when you choose to, allow you to see what is inside. When you do not want to see the inside of your fridge, they can be turned off so that you get that uniform refrigerator look when the door is closed.

There are so many advancements in the space of appliances that it is mind-boggling. What we have listed above is only scratching the surface of what is beginning to be released and the sky’s the limit. With technology really starting to take over our kitchens, things are only going to get better from here. For now, these advancements are changing what you shop for at appliance stores Jacksonville FL like us at First Coast Supply forever.