Here’s How You Know it’s Time for a New Dishwasher

Three-quarters of all homes in the United States have a dishwasher (and for good reason). If you fall into that 75-percent, you know how important a dishwasher is to your kitchen operations. Look for any sign of your dishwasher going out well in advance of it actually breaking. If you haven’t shopped for appliances in the last five years, you’re in for a surprise! Stop by the First Coast Supply showroom in Jacksonville to see the latest in dishwasher trends. Smart tech features, unique finishes and custom sizes are all popular with homeowners today. Here are a few signs you may be in the market for a new dishwasher:

Dishes are Still Dirty

If there’s still food on your dishes after the cycle is complete, there’s a good chance your dishwasher is about to call it quits. A component of the dishwasher is broken when food particles and water spots start to show up on your tableware. While some parts can be fixed, it’s typically more cost effective to buy a new dishwasher, especially if the one you have is over 10 years old.

Dishes Aren’t Hot after the Cycle

Another indicator that the dishwasher isn’t working is when the dishes aren’t hot at the end of the dry cycle. The heating coil that heats the water to increase the temperature is malfunctioning in this case. Heater coils are expensive to repair but necessary to the sanitization process.

The Door doesn’t Latch

Every single dishwasher is built to lock when running. For newer models (less than five years old), you should be able to affordably repair the latch. However, it’s possible the latch isn’t closing because the appliance is warped, which means you have a bigger problem on your hands that will require replacement.

Save Money and Invest in an Energy Efficient Model

ENERGY STAR labels indicate the savings you’ll experience by investing in an energy efficent appliance. Good news! Replacing an old dishwasher model with a newer model can reduce your household water use by up to 65-percent. Not only will you save money on utility bills, but your kitchen aesthetic will benefit from the look of a brand new appliance.


Even if your dishwasher is doing just fine, an energy efficient model is a smart investment for the environment and for your wallet. Stop by the First Coast Supply showroom to see our extensive inventory of LG, Bosch, GE and many more.