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Holiday Remodeling: Timing is Everything

The busyness of the holiday season makes remodeling tricky. The key to successful renovations over the holidays is all in the timing. If you want a remodel completed before the holiday season, start in early fall at the latest. Remodeling takes time to plan, schedule, procure materials and complete the construction.

For remodels that fall over the holiday season, you’ll have to do a little extra work to manage life and celebrations around the construction zone. Thankfully, in Jacksonville, Florida the weather is usually warmer than other parts of the country. This makes holiday remodeling a little easier. Work with trusted suppliers, like First Coast Supply, which is a Gaggenau carrier in Jacksonville, to meet your holiday remodeling supply needs.

How to Manage Timing for a Holiday Remodel

Make a Plan with the Contractor

Don’t wait until the day before guests arrive to tell your contractor you need them to clear out. Instead, be proactive by creating a plan with your contractor regarding the remodel taking place over the holidays. Work together to schedule material deliveries and work. If you need the guest bathroom completed by the day before Christmas, then set that expectation in advance. Also, if you’re hosting a holiday party and need workers to be off-site, then arrange that at least one week in advance with your contractor. It’s important to remember that you’re dealing with other people’s jobs, even if they’re working for you to get the remodel accomplished.

Order Materials in Advance

The holiday season is busy for everyone, including suppliers for the remodel. Some businesses shut down or take time off during the holidays. Don’t wait until the last minute to select your appliances or countertops. Order the materials for your renovation in advance so that you have them on hand to complete the remodel. Also, work with your contractor and materials suppliers to schedule delivers at the right time. If you don’t want your new appliances showing up during your holiday brunch, then make your contractor aware of this limitation. This will help reduce frustration for everyone involved.

Find Storage Space for Tools and Supplies

Things can get messy during a renovation. If your remodel will span the holiday season, but you want to halt work for a time period over the holidays, then find a space for tools and supplies. Talk to your contractor about where they can store equipment and materials so items are out of the way during your holiday celebration. This helps minimize the risk that their equipment is damaged or stolen. It also gives you space to host guests.

Be Flexible and Understanding with Holiday Remodels

Find an Alternative Place to Celebrate

Instead of feeling frustrated that your home is in disarray while guests are visiting over the holidays, find a different place to celebrate. Even if Christmas Eve dinner is always at your home, let your sister host instead this year. Be flexible and have a good attitude. For out of town guests, find a nice bed and breakfast for them to stay. Or, consider a local vacation rental where everyone can still be together. The point is to enjoy time with your family and friends.

Use the Outdoor Kitchen

For Jacksonville, Florida remodels, take advantage of the nice weather. Instead of trying to cook indoors during a kitchen remodel, use your outdoor kitchen. Outdoor kitchens aren’t just for summer, they’re a great resource all year long. Cook a turkey over the rotisserie, and store items in the outdoor refrigerator. Have fun with the changes required to prepare a holiday meal during a remodel. If you’re having fun, then your guests will have fun too.

Thank your Contractor

Be respectful of your contractor and their team’s time during the holidays. They probably want to celebrate with their families too. If you make a schedule in advance, then everyone will be on the same page, and frustrations can be avoided. Also, offer a small token of your appreciation to both the contractor and their team. Have a grateful and positive attitude so that you and those around you enjoy this holiday season.

Supply Your Holiday Remodel

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