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How to Choose Appliances for Your Outdoor Kitchen

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There is a lot of good that comes out of installing an outdoor kitchen in the yard of your home. When you add an outdoor kitchen, you are going to be increasing the value of your property, actually expanding the living space that you have, opening up all new possibilities.You will have the open area to enjoy the outdoors and entertain both family and friends.One of the crucial decisions that you will want to make though as you embark on this journey is choosing the right outdoor kitchen appliances Jacksonville FL.

Start With the Grill

You want to initiate the decision tree about your outdoor kitchen appliances Jacksonville FL with the grill.  A grill is going to be necessary for an outdoor kitchen so that you can cook those burgers, steaks, and everything else under the stars.  There are so many options with grills. Do you want something that is portable, or maybe something that is built-in to the kitchen?  Consider the size of the space that you have when making these types of choices.

Cooktop Burners

Do you plan on boiling water, steaming vegetables, among other things outside at the kitchen?  If so, you are going to want to think about cooktop burners. You may want one that is big enough so that you can have a full-sized pot out there.  Burners or even a full-fledged outdoor cooktop opens up a lot of cooking possibilities.


When you are doing a lot of cooking outside, especially when the kitchen is near your house, you want to be thinking about ventilation.  A vent hood can help you in this space.The ventilation is going to work by pulling the smoke and cooking odors up into it to dissipate them, keep them away from your house and the rest of the kitchen space

.Refrigerator Needs

You are probably going to want to incorporate an outdoor refrigerator.  Do you want one big enough so that you can hold drinks, food, and everything in-between?  Do you want to have a freezer incorporated with it?  Outdoor refrigerators can be even bigger than what you have in the traditional kitchen in your home, so think through what your needs are and what you hope to get out of it.

Convenient Extras

There are many available extras that you can add to the outdoor kitchen appliances Jacksonville FL slate.  Immediate things that come to mind include appliances such as a dishwasher, as well as an oven.  Both are available for outdoor kitchens, and it is just a matter of if you want to go forward with that type of addition and what the value of it will mean for you and the outdoor space overall.  A cooler to chill bottles of wine is another example of a convenient extra, an option, but not necessary something that is pivotal for the cooking experience.

Choosing appliances for your outdoor kitchen is going to require some analysis on your part.  You are going to want to look inside, to see what you want to do with the kitchen, what you want to get out of it from a cooking experience, visual appeal, social, and so on.

The obvious choice here is that of a grill, but what type and what do you want to have that is going to complement it? The options are nearly endless as the market for outdoor kitchens expands in popularity.  We at First Coast Supply want to help you nail the appliance decisions so that your outdoor kitchen can be everything you want it to be and more.