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How to Choose the Best Appliance Finish for Your Home

Ask any interior designer who has worked on a kitchen remodel or two and they will tell you that they have been asked about appliance finishes more times than they can count. The color or finish of the appliances in your kitchen is always a hot topic, especially when you are replacing any or all appliances, and/or doing a kitchen remodel as well.

The thing that you have to remember is that every single home and every kitchen is unique to itself. We all have our own different tastes and styles as well that are going to mold and shape what our kitchen ends up actually looking like. What we at First Coast Supply try and do is to provide you as our customer with guidance so that you can make a decision that you are both comfortable and confident in, all at the same time.

Utility Over Fashion

The first rule of thumb that you have to remember with appliances Jacksonville FL is that you always want to go with utility over fashion. This means that, even before you start to think about the finish, think about what you want to get out of the appliances themselves. Their purpose is not to look good, it is to help you cook, wash, and keep your food as fresh as possible. When your appliances are able to do that then they are doing their job just as they should. The finish that goes along with the appliances is just an added benefit on top of what they are already doing for you.

Complement the Space, Don’t Take the Spotlight

The main goal for appliances when you are talking about a finish is that you want the appliances to be a complement to the rest of the space that is around it. When you have appliances that simply take over a kitchen, they are not going to give off that look that you really want. Appliances that dominate kitchens are going to look awkward over time.

The style of your kitchen should mold right in with your appliances. This means that if you have a kitchen that is going to look better stylistically with appliances Jacksonville that are white, go with appliances that have a white finish. Even if you prefer stainless steel, you want to go with what is going to help your kitchen and its total appearance.

What Appliance Finishes Reveal

An appliance finish can reveal the overall style of a kitchen as well. When you think about a finish that is black, that is typically representative of a more upscale kitchen. White appliances still have their place as well though, especially when they are mixed in with dark cabinets that are something like a cherry in color.

Stainless steel appliances have become the most popular choice for appliances today and they are the most common that we sell at First Coast Supply. They work in just about every situation. Whether you have cabinets that are lighter or darker, chances are the stainless steel will gel with them just fine. Stainless steel is also usually representative of a more modern or upscale kitchen as well.

Kitchen appliances Jacksonville FL are quite plentiful in terms of the options that they have available to you as a consumer. What our professionals work to do is to ensure that the finish that you choose for your appliances is going to help you make the very most of your kitchen and its overall style. Always think utility over appearance, but remember that the finish of the appliances can really work to tie a kitchen together from ceiling to floor.