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How to Choose the Best Edge for Your Countertops

There is a lot of time and energy that goes into choosing the right countertops for your home, whether those countertops are for a kitchen, bathroom, or something else.  What people do not realize all of the time though is that it is more than just choosing the right countertop material.  You have to consider the edge as well, as that is going to really drive the look and perception of the countertops and how they fit into the room as a whole.

It may seem simple to pick countertops Jacksonville FL and focus on the edges, but the options are probably far more plentiful than you ever thought they would be.  This is where we can come into play at First Coast Supply.  We can work with you to help you understand all of the different types of edges that are available and how they can impact the look and style of your kitchen or bathroom.  Knowing what is available, though, is half of the battle and we can help educate you in that area as well.

The Straight Edge

One of the most basic edges you can choose for countertops Jacksonville FL is that of a straight edge.  A straight edge on a countertop is great no matter what the style of your kitchen or bathroom is going to be.  When you are looking for a design that is ultra-clean and sleek, this is probably the way to go.

The reason so many people go with the straight edge is that they do not want the countertops Jacksonville FL to overpower everything else in the kitchen or bathroom.  When they are ultra-fancy, that is exactly what can happen. A straight edge is not going to be sharp like you think it is.  It will be slightly rounded to help keep your countertops protected, but also retain that nice look.

Some of the more common straight edge types include the plain old straight, bevel, as well as extended bevel options. A straight with radius and pure radius option is also going to be there for you to check out.

Curved Edges

Curved edges can have so many different traits.  They can come across as looking very basic, or they can also be made to look extremely fancy.  For those looking for a modern design, curved edges are probably going to be the way to go. They can, however, also fit well into more of a classically designed kitchen or bathroom.

Curved edges are going to be much more rounded than straight edges, meaning they will certainly be safer when you have a lot of kids and such around.  You do not have to worry as much with these about heads bumping into the edges and stuff.

Some of the common curved edge types that we can help you out with at First Coast Supply include the pencil option, as well as the chiseled option.  A bullnose can also be worked out for you, among many others.  Our countertops Jacksonville FL can be designed so that they can deliver on any style that you are looking for.

Countertop edges are very important as they are going to be the driving force behind the overall look of your remodeled kitchen or bathroom in many cases.  What we can do at First Coast Supply is to help you walk through all of these different options.  We want you to understand the linkage behind the choice that you make for a countertop edge and how that is going to factor into the overall style of your remodeled space.  Having a first grasp of options for countertops Jacksonville FL edges can help you go down a path to that dream kitchen or bathroom.