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How to Choose the Best Sink for You

Modern Kitchen Appliances with black granite surfaces

There are more options than you think when it comes to sinks.  What is the style that is going to make the most sense for you and your family?  Kitchen sinks are used quite frequently to wash dishes, hands and help prepare meals.  You want to be sure you have an ideal sink for your needs.  We can work with you at our sinks Jacksonville FL store to be sure you know your options and make an educated decision.

Drop-In Sink

A drop-in sink is one that is going to be placed inside of the sink, right on top.  The rim edge of the sink is going to have an overlap on top of the counter.  With Formica and their types of laminate countertops, this is the most common means of having the sink installed.  If you are going with Formica or laminate, this is likely your only option.  When you have a solid stone counter, though, such as granite you can get an under mount.

Under Mount

The under mount sink is different in that it is going to be underneath the countertop.  The sink is going to be attached to the countertop from the bottom up.  You are not going to see the edges of the sink because they will be underneath where the counter begins.  The seamless look of this type of sink is impressive and makes for a great look with granite, marble, and other types of solid stone countertops.


The farmhouse sink is one of the more trendy sinks Jacksonville FL homeowners are leaning towards.  They require custom cabinets and countertops due to the weight of them.  The way these work though is that they sit on the cabinet base.  No support from the countertop is needed.  A benefit to these is that they have more depth to them.

Material Options

A slew of sink material options is also available for the different types of sinks.  This includes things such as cast iron, fireclay, stainless steel, porcelain, even granite, and marble.  What you want to do is to talk to our team of professionals to get an idea as to what type of sink will be best for you.  It will be dependent on the wear and tear you expect, what you’ll mostly use the sink for and the style of the kitchen. We can work with you to help make this determination.

Choosing the best sink for you means having knowledge of what is available.  Get information about what your options are and think through the needs you have.  When you do this type of assessment, you are likely going to be able to come to a decision you are confident in.  So many of us just choose a random kitchen sink during a remodeling and end up with something underwhelming, something that was not what we were looking for.  Push the envelope and do your homework, so you end up with the dream sink you want and need!