How to Design Your Dream Bathroom

Make your bathroom a sanctuary. The hot trend in bathroom design is to create a spa-like retreat. Regardless of your budget, redesign your bathroom to incorporate a luxury and relaxing ambiance. Not only does a bathroom renovation add to your personal comfort, it also adds to the value of your home as kitchens and bathrooms continue to be important decision-making factors for homebuyers.


Home renovation projects require both time and money. That’s why it’s important to have a plan before you start. For inspiration and to see a wide selection of floors, bathtubs, sinks and marble counters in Jacksonville, Florida, visit the First Coast Supply Showroom.


Steps to Design Your Dream Bathroom

1 – Determine Your Budget

From a full remodel to new accessories, create a luxury, spa-like feel in your bathroom. Start by determining your bathroom renovation budget. This serves as your guide to create the rest of your bathroom renovation plan. For a luxury bathroom remodel, work with a trusted renovations company for best results. With a smaller budget, work with a local interior designer to establish how to get the best results for your budget. The key is to build a space you love while staying on budget.


2 – Consider Your Existing Floor Plan

Keep your existing floor plan in mind to save time and money. If you change your floor plan, you may need to move plumbing, water lines, vents or electrical work. This extra work adds to your costs. If your existing floor plan works to give you the result you want, then keep your design within this layout. A new tub, shower, sink and toilet can all be replaced without drastically changing the layout.


For a total remodel with a new floor plan, work with trusted and experienced professionals to ensure the design specifications and technical work is completed accurately.


3 – Decide on the Essentials

The details like paint color, accessories, hardware and drapes are the fun part of a remodel project. However, the essentials offer a solid foundation to create a space you’ll love. Don’t skimp on the primary parts of the bathroom. Stay within budget, but buy the best quality items. Select floors, counters, bathtub, toilet, sinks and lighting that will last for several years even if the current trends shift.


To create a spa-like retreat, select warm and neutral colors for floors tiles and countertops. Natural stone tile is a solid choice to create a design that works well with a variety of trends. Marble counters add timeless luxurious to create the perfect dream bathroom.


Quality is the most important factors when selecting tubs, toilets, showers and sinks. You want these to work well and last. Stay on trend while also selecting timeless styles. Lighting is another bathroom essential. Fortunately, lighting is more easily updated than some other bathroom elements. Have fun with lighting by incorporating trendy features. Select smart and LED lighting options to add energy efficiency with your remodel.


4 – Have Fun with the Details

The details are the best place to integrate trendy design features. One affordable way to make a big design impact is with faucets. For a spa-like feel install a rain showerhead. Choose faucets that reflect your personal style. Also, a current design trend is mixed metals. Select one metal finish for faucets and another for lighting or towel racks.


For a luxurious feel, invest in high quality towels and rugs. Add natural materials like plants, woods and warm metals with accessories. Paint is easy to update and has a huge impact on the feel of the room. Look online for design inspiration and for help selecting the perfect paint color for your dream bathroom.


Design Your Dream Bathroom

Reward yourself with a dream bathroom renovation. Create a space to relax and restore your mind and body. Bathroom upgrades are a smart investment and improve the atmosphere in your home.


To get started contact First Coast Supply or visit the First Coast Supply Showroom. We offer a variety of top products for kitchens and bathrooms, including bathtubs, flooring, faucets, sinks and marble counters in Jacksonville, Florida.