How to Go Green in the Kitchen

Have you ever thought about the impact your home has on the environment? If you broke down your home room by room, which do you think makes the biggest mark? Chances are it is the kitchen! You should be concerned about the impact your home has on the environment. It is easier than ever before for every kitchen in the United States to be a bit more “green.” If you want to “go green” in your kitchen, we are one of the top Jacksonville kitchen appliance stores to help!


Use the Dishwasher Wisely

You want to use your dishwasher wisely. Make sure that you are filling it up all of the ways before you run it so you can use a lot less water than washing dishes by hand. Otherwise, you’d be letting the water run to wash and rinse them.


You can check out our Jacksonville kitchen appliance stores as we also have efficient dishwashers if yours is a decade old or more. These are going to use less water, as well as less energy, helping your kitchen “go green.”


Try Out a Small Toaster Oven

Say you are just looking to cook something that is not going to take up a lot of space like a small tray of french fries or a flatbread pizza,. Most of us will use the full-size oven to cook this, letting it warm up to the desired temperature and placing the food inside. You are only taking up about a quarter of the cooling capacity, but wasting all of that energy. Try out a smaller toaster or convection oven. Even the microwave is going to use much less energy than the full-size oven.


Always Recycle

This may seem like an easy one, but there is still a high percentage of people in the United States that just do not recycle. Recycling is easier than you think and can also cut down on the amount of trash you have to put out week to week. Recycling helps to clean your trash, reducing the small, and also allows those materials to be used once again so that you can help save the environment in the process.


Keep the Fridge Closed

You want to make a concerted effort to maintain the refrigerator door closed at all times. When you open the fridge, don’t linger with it swung open. Instead, check out what you need and close it up. When the fridge is closed, it does not have to use much power to keep it at the desired temperature. Once it is open, the temperature will rise quickly, causing it to have to kick into gear once again.


There are some different ways in which you can help your kitchen “go green.” Above is just a few of the ideas that we have presented for you to employ. The professionals in our Jacksonville kitchen appliance stores are here to provide you with guidance and advice whether you are looking to swap out aging appliances or make the most of what you currently have.