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How to Increase Resale Value With Your Bathroom

Remodeling your bathroom has more than just a personal benefit. Most likely you want to remodel to enjoy functional and aesthetic gains from the space but remodeling is advantageous to your home’s resale value. Even if you currently have zero intention of selling your residence, your home value should be kept in mind when remodeling.

Sinks, toilets and showers all factor into the perceived value of your home. When doing a remodeling of your bathroom space, be sure you are creating a bath that will sell!

Frames Mirrors

Creating a beautiful bathroom that sells is not as hard as you think. Try adding a big mirror with a frame. Framed mirrors are very popular due to the addition of perceived size in the bathroom space. Mirrors have the capability of making any living area look bigger! Framing the mirrors helps to tie it together with the rest of the bathroom. Whether you’re going for a modern or rustic vibe, the framing can help to stylistically tie together your beautifully remodeled bath.

Storage Everywhere

Is your bathroom space small? There are plenty of ways to increase storage despite the lack of space. When planning the remodel, look for ways to add storage space that appears hidden. Shelving in the shower, cabinets over the toilet or anything that will help to tuck away the clutter on your countertops. Clear surfaces in the bathroom are valuable. You want to create a relaxing environment, not one with countertops filled with soap, cosmetics or towels spread everywhere.

Do You Need a Tub?

When is the last time you used your bath tub? If the answer is more than a month ago, consider getting rid of it. Studies have found the value of a bathroom remains the same without a tub. Beautiful showers that create a spa like vibe are appealing and value increasing. Do you really need a tub? You should highly consider swapping it in for a luxurious shower space.

Upgrade Your Toilet

Do yourself and the environment a favor and upgrade your toilet! Older toilets use more than three gallons of water per flush while newer ones use a fraction of that. Get yourself a toilet that uses less water and will benefit your water bill.

Go Big With Fixtures

Look for fixtures that are unique and will make your bathroom shine! Think about what you would look for in fixtures if you were home shopping. Don’t skimp on the sinks, faucets and showerheads. A bathroom that adds value contains fixtures that stand out, creating a fantastic visual and functional area!

Remodeling your bathroom should add value to your home. When the time comes to sell your home, following the tips above will be sure to draw in some buyers. Work with our team at First Coast Supply, we will help you decide on the best sinks, faucets and more that add value to your home!