How to Make Any Room Feel Bigger

Maximize your small space and make any room feel bigger with our creative decorating tips. Whether you live in an efficiency apartment or just need to make your guest bathroom feel bigger, maximizing your space is important to add comfort to your home.


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Brighten It Up

Choose a light color pallet for small spaces to create a bigger feel. Select cool colors like light blues, greens and whites over warm colors to brighten the space. For paint, stick to just one color for the walls and ceiling to avoid breaking up the visual line in the room.


Keep the color pallet consistent for all aspects of your décor. Choose monochromatic furniture, rugs and accent pieces to visually tie the space together. For kitchens and bathrooms, select cabinetry and appliances with light finishes to match the walls and floors. A consistent color pallet is the best way to make a small room feel larger.


Shine a Light

Lighting is key for small spaces. A small room will feel smaller if it doesn’t have quality lighting. Natural light is the best way to brighten a room. Avoid hanging drapes. Instead, use simple shades in light colors that can easily be lifted during the day to let the natural light inside.


For kitchens, add recessed lighting combined with a decorative light fixture centered over your island. For bathrooms, update your vanity light to add a fixture that has three to five bulbs. Also, lighting is a great way to add decorative features to match your personal style without cluttering up a small space.


Clean Out Clutter

A small space has no room for clutter! The key to making any room look bigger is having open space. Even a large room will feel small if it’s cluttered. Only have the items you need in each space.


Find smart storage solutions to hide your stuff. For example, choose an ottoman for your living room that has built-in storage. For kitchens, install custom cabinets that have hidden storage solutions to keep you organized and maximize your space.


Don’t leave small kitchen appliances on the countertop. Instead, have a designated storage location. One popular trend is to have a space built-in to an island to store the microwave. Also, custom coffee bars are popular for kitchens. Keep your space clean and clear to make your space look larger.


Bring the Inside Out

If your home feels too small, turn your outdoor space into an additional room. Turn a porch into a sunroom or enclosed patio. For an apartment, transform your balcony to a reading nook or sitting room by adding a rug and comfortable seating.


Add an outdoor kitchen to your home to create a custom hang out spot complete with refrigerator and grill. With an outdoor kitchen, your yard becomes your dining room. Guests can enjoy the natural light and fresh air while you relax knowing everyone has ample room.


Maximize Your Space

Make any room feel bigger with a strategy and a little effort. From simple projects like adding a lighter paint color to full renovation projects like building an outdoor kitchen, transition your small space to a welcoming and comfortable environment.


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