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How to Make the Most of Your Small Kitchen

Minimalism is a popular, current trend. Whether you’re just starting out with your first home, downsizing an empty nest or intentionally seeking a smaller space, you can still have a high-functioning, quality kitchen. In fact, with planning and smart design, you can create a small, luxury kitchen.

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Make the Most of Your Small Kitchen Space

Plan the Space

Before you tackle any kitchen remodel, it’s smart to create a plan. For the best results, work with a professional interior designer. Especially for small kitchens, the layout is essential to include all the elements you desire with a functional flow.

Skip the Table

Don’t feel pressured to put a kitchen table in a small space. Instead, get creative! Use counter space as an area for eating meals. Add a breakfast bar or small island that will double as a workstation. Invest in comfortable bar stools and quality materials like quartz for a high-end and durable solution.

Undermount Sink

Choose an undermount sink for both easy cleanup and design function. With an undermount sink, you can place a large cutting board over the top to create an additional work space. Also, when designing your sink area, opt for one large sink instead of two smaller sinks. The one sink bowl will use less countertop space.

Smart Cabinet Design

Storage is especially important in a small kitchen. Consider your options for your upper cabinets. If you want the space to feel bigger, install open shelves instead of cabinets. If you prefer cabinets, choose cabinets that go all the way to the ceiling. Use the extra storage area at the top for items that are not used daily. Cabinets in light finishes will also make the space feel larger.

Efficient Appliances

If you have a small kitchen, you need appliances that do their job well. Luxury appliances will make your small kitchen feel exclusive. Shop for high-end brands like Bosch, Sub-Zero, Gaggenau and Thermador. Many of the top brands offer compact appliances to fit small spaces. In many cases, the smaller appliances also offer energy efficiency. You don’t have to compromise quality or style just because your kitchen is small.

Quality Materials

Just like with high-end appliances, you can design your small kitchen with quality materials for a modern and upscale design. In fact, with a smaller space, it’ll cost you less to install a marble countertop or custom wood floors. Focus on the details like lighting and fixtures to incorporate design trends to create a luxurious, small space.

Keep It Simple

For small spaces, it’s critical to keep things simple. Stick to one color palette and design style. Don’t try to fit in too many large items. If you want a professional 60-inch cooktop, you may have to compromise on the double, farmhouse sink. Instead, decide what features are most important and design around those items within the confines of your space.  

Small-Scale Luxury

Make the most of your small kitchen with luxury elements and smart design. Visit the First Coast Supply Showroom to see top brands. We’re a Bosch appliance carrier in Jacksonville, Florida. We offer top brands and styles to help our clients design their dream kitchens, regardless of size.