How to Make Your Home the Hangout Spot this Summer

Although our weather might be all over the place lately, there’s no denying that perfect spring and summer temperatures are right around the corner! You know what that means…school’s out for the summer! Do you want your house to be the hangout spot for your kids and their neighborhood friends? If so, an outdoor kitchen is a great place to start.

After you install your perfect outdoor kitchen, use these tips to draw all the neighborhood families to your backyard.

Bring the Fun

Entertainment is key to making your home the preferred hangout spot. For the grown-ups, install an outdoor flat screen television to watch sports and movies. Also, add other outdoor entertainment like surround sound speakers to keep the tunes flowing while everyone plays. Yard games like corn hole, horseshoes, yard Jenga and ladder toss are fun for both adults and children.

To keep the neighborhood kids entertained, add a basketball hoop, sandbox or outdoor playset. If your home has a swimming pool, there’s no doubt this will be the center of the entertainment. The goal is to give your friends and neighbors a reason to gather at your home. If everyone has a good time, there’s no doubt they’ll be back all summer long!

Delicious Food

Amenities aside, no party spot is complete without yummy food and drinks. Keep your outdoor refrigerator stocked with your favorite beverages for adults and kids. Especially in the heat of the summer, you want all guests to have easy access to drinks (especially the hard stuff for the 21+ crowd!)

It’s no secret that good food keeps people around. For kids, easy snacks like chips and bagel bites are great to keep on hand. You don’t need us to tell you – fresh fruit and vegetables, chips, crackers and other bite-size treats are perfect for children.

For your adult guests, make the food as fancy or simple as you like. With an outdoor kitchen, you have the option to prepare traditional grilled food like hotdogs and hamburgers, or you can take it up a notch and show off your gourmet skills with a homemade pizza. Having delicious food for all ages will make your home an attractive hangout spot.

Regularly Scheduled Events

One way to set up your home as the hangout spot is to have a regularly scheduled time on the calendar. Plan a weekly event like Sunday supper, Friday happy hour or Saturday lunch, and let your friends and neighbors know they are welcome. This makes it easy for everyone to stop by for a good time!

If you love to throw parties, take the initiative to plan and host fun events throughout the year. Make your house the place to be for the back-to-school, Halloween, Super Bowl and Memorial Day parties.

Consider assigning your friends an item to contribute to the fun like dessert, a salad or appetizers. This helps frequent guests feel like they’re a part of the fun and not imposing.


Your friends and neighbors will gather at your home all year long if you focus on fun events with plenty of food and drinks, especially if you have an outdoor kitchen for the parties to take place! From pizza ovens to wine racks, there’s no better way to brighten up your backyard than with a functional, comfortable hang out spot.