How to Pick the Perfect Lighting for Your Bathroom

If you’ve ever looked in the mirror under those awful fluorescent lights, you know exactly how important it is to select the right bulbs for your bathroom. A great light source is the difference between a perfect bathroom aesthetic (and confidence when you look at yourself in the mirror!) versus an unappealing space. Sometimes, it doesn’t take a complete bathroom remodel to modernize the room. Sometimes all you need is to partner with the Jacksonville lighting and bathroom experts to brighten your bathroom.

Expert Favorites for Bathroom Lighting

You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to perfectly illuminate your bathroom. A total bathroom remodel can be expensive, but simply updating your lighting doesn’t have to be. Here are some of the First Coast Supply team’s favorite picks for lighting at different price points.

Task Lighting

The key to liking what you see in the mirror each morning is the placement and brightness of the task lighting you install around the mirror. A simple and affordable way to install effective task lighting is to place sconces at eye-level on either side of the mirror. Look for 75-to-100 watt bulbs for these sconces.


If you have a bit more room in your budget, a backlit mirror achieves the same effects without taking up more space. Trust us, task lighting will completely change your makeup application, shaving and teeth brushing processes.


Pro Tip: Avoid putting light sources above the mirror. This adds recess lighting to the room and casts unnecessary shadows on your face and room decor.

Vanity Lighting

Bathrooms aren’t just for morning routines. The lighting needs to promote a transition from bright lights in the morning to mood lighting for a soak in the tub at night.


A small chandelier above your bathtub, dimmer switches and hallway sconces are great ways to add transitional lighting to your bathroom. No matter the bulbs you select, a dimmer switch is the perfect way to light your space to match your mood.

Find the Perfect Light Fixtures to Achieve Your Desired Look

The best way to choose light sources you love is to first see them in person. Visit our state-of-the-art First Coast Supply showroom in Jacksonville for lighting inspiration and more. 

From the tile in your shower to the sconce next to your mirror, creating a space you love in the morning and at night is crucial to your peace of mind. Chat with one of the First Coast Supply design professionals today to get started.