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How to Prevent Mold Growth in Your Bathroom

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The home always is going to require some cleaning and maintenance.  Individual rooms may need more attention than others, with one of them being the bathroom. Mold makes the bathroom a pain point for homeowners, an area where the immense focus needs to be placed on cleaning.  Once it has settled in, mold can build up quickly around the bathtub or shower.  It can be difficult to get rid of entirely.  The best course of action for you as a homeowner is to work to prevent it.  Our team of professionals at our Jacksonville bathroom stores can provide you with techniques to keep mold growth from appearing all together.

Post-Shower Maintenance

There is a bit of cleaning and maintenance you can do to your shower or bathtub after each use that can make a world of difference.  Once you are done with taking a shower or bath, use a squeegee to water off all of the walls.  This is a straightforward way to make sure that you are working to get rid of any moisture that exists.  

Moisture is what mold and mildew need to form, to take hold.  When you work to eliminate the moisture, you are going to be working to remove the mold and mildew at the same time.

Bath Fans

Do you have fans in your bathroom?  If you do not, you may want to think about visiting our Jacksonville bathroom stores to purchase one for installation.  Fans are an incredible asset in the fight against mold and mildew growth in bathrooms.  When you are done with a shower or bath, leave that fan running for around a half hour.  Another option is to set a timer so that it will stop working on its own once a period passes.

Caring for the Tiles

The tiles that you have also need to be cared for in the bathroom.  The grout of bathroom tiles can begin to break away over time.  Once it does this, water is going to be able to seep beneath the tiles, leading to mold growth.  Make sure the grout is sealed regularly so that you do not have to worry about this problem.

New Appliances

New bathroom appliances can also make a difference in the fight against mold.  New stainless steel faucets and newer toilets can resist mold in an improved fashion compared to older technology. Our Jacksonville bathroom stores are stocked with the latest and greatest for you to browse and consider.

Mold is an ongoing struggle you are going to face as a homeowner.  It only takes a short period for mold to form in the bathroom and take hold around the tub and shower.  Once it is there, eliminating it is quite difficult.  You want to work to prevent mold as much as you can in the bathroom.  Our team of professionals at our Jacksonville bathroom stores can help in providing techniques to accomplish this. Reach out to us, start the conversation and double your efforts to make sure mold never appears in the bath area of the home.